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Secrets to Building Stronger and Healthier Bones and Heart

Energy and vitality are all about moving. Walk, run, dance, bike, yoga… whatever physical activities that you enjoy doing, you know what it feels like and how important it is to have a solid foundation of bones, joints, and muscles, supported by a vibrant cardiovascular system of heart, arteries, and blood circulation.

Until just a few years ago, the no-frills formula for health-conscious men and women who take actions to improve their health against wear and tear from an active lifestyle was to consume a daily calcium supplement and a low dose of aspirin. However, we now understand there are other nutritional factors that affect the health of the bones and heart, and as such, need to be included into our nutritional consumption on a regular basis.

Fortifying the bone structure is indispensable for people of all age groups. Our body reaches its peak bone mass by the time we are 30, and after that, we start to lose bone density. The more bone density you accumulate during this period, the less your chances are of developing bone and heart-related ailments later on in life. However, our body is not static and is constantly evolving. Thus, it is never too late to make life style and dietary modifications to sustain the health and wellbeing of our bones.

Here are a few pieces of scientific advice that are lesser known but are critically important to maintain a stronger core of your body structure through better nutrition:

Calcium is Important, but Not the Whole Picture

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for building stronger bones and slowing the pace of bone loss. As the years pass, the ability of the intestines to absorb calcium from the consumed diet slows down, and even the kidneys are less apt at regulating calcium within the body. Since calcium is needed for multiple vital metabolic functions, your body starts to steal calcium from the reserves found in bones.

However, prior to widely known belief, calcium is only one of the secrets of attaining healthy bones. Actually, ample research has shown that excessive consumption of calcium supplements may lead to several health issues, e.g. calcification in the arteries, constipation, or even potential links with prostate cancer in men 1.

Therefore, it is vital to fulfill your daily dietary requirement of calcium through your natural foods such as grass-fed dairy products of milk / yogurt / kefir if you are not lactose intolerant, bone marrow, salmon and sardines, nuts, dried figs, broccoli, and dark leafy vegetables, which are all good sources of calcium. The recommended daily intake for calcium is 1,000 mg a day for adults up to the age of 50, and 1,200 mg a day for people above 50 years of age, when bone loss accelerates.

Supplement Your Vitamin D Intake, the Faithful Sidekick to Calcium

Calcium doesn’t work well by itself, and it has an indispensable accomplice when it comes to building stronger bones: Vitamin D. Vitamin D behaves almost like a hormone, which is critically important in many areas of your body’s functions, including metabolism, heart and brain health, mood, and of course, the formation and maintenance of bones. This vitamin assists the body in absorbing calcium, and many clinical studies have shown that enhancing vitamin D consumption helps to prevent a multitude of bone and cardiovascular maladies.

Because we obtain vitamin D mainly from the sun and people spend little time outdoors and use sunblock, many are deficient in vitamin D. Soaking up the sun rays can aid your body in producing its own vitamin D. The best time of the day for sun exposure is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. 20 Minutes of sunlight, twice a week, to your back, legs, arms, and face, without sunscreen, which would enable your body to get its fill of this essential vitamin.

The recommended daily intake for vitamin D is 600 IU, although higher doses between 1,000 – 2,000 IU have been recommended by many nutritional experts. Vitamin D3, known as Cholecalciferol, is the most potent source of vitamin D, shown to have superior absorption compared to other forms of D.

For most of us who don’t get to lie on the beach frequently enough, if there is only one dietary supplement that you should take, it is Vitamin D3 – it’s that important. And take it all year around, not just winter time, to benefit from Vitamin D’s long term, sustainable benefits.

Load Up on Vitamin K2, the new Black in the Vitamin World

This fat-soluble vitamin activates the protein Osteocalcin, which has a vast impact on bone mineralization. It tends to bind to hydroxyapatite2, the mineral component of bone, and helps in strengthening bone structure and rendering them less vulnerable to fracture and fissure. This makes vitamin K2 a vital player in your bone health.

Not only does vitamin K2 help incorporate calcium into bones, but it also works to steer it clear of the heart’s arterial vessels, which otherwise may lead to calcification, or arterial hardening, and enhances the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, when combined with vitamin D, vitamin K serves to thwart osteoclasts, the cells responsible for bone resorption.

You can visualize vitamin D as “the gate guard”, controlling who gets to go in, while K2 is the “traffic cop”, directing the traffic to the right places. If excess calcium stays in the blood circulation without the presence of Vitamin K2 to shuttle it into the right places i.e. bones, Vitamin D could deposit calcium into the coronary arteries, leading to cardiovascular complications.

That’s how important it is to have a D3 and K2 combo in your supplement to promote bone and heart health, in order to optimize the calcium absorption from either your food sources, or your calcium supplements.

In 2007, the medical journal Blood published a study by Schurgers et al2, citing that the naturally derived MK-7, MenaQ7®, was repeatedly found to be much more effective compared to generic, synthetic vitamin K2. This is explained by significantly greater bioactivity and bioavailability of MenaQ7® compared to other sources of K vitamins.

Milk Basic Protein (MBP®): The MVP for Calcium Absorption

Milk Basic Protein (MBP®), a naturally occurring protein complex, is an award-winning medical breakthrough. A protein extract from whey found in only trace amount in milk, it has been discovered to support bone density. By ensuring a beneficial balance of bone breakdown and bone building, Milk Basic Protein is responsible for directing your consumed calcium straight to work where needed.

In clinical trials involving women of various age groups3 4, MBP was shown to support a healthy net bone formation only after six months of use. In addition, MBP enhances the formation of collagen in the bones. While calcium is imperative for bone strength, it cannot attach to the bones without the presence of nearby collagen. MBP enhances the adherence of calcium to the bones.

While it may contain a trace amount of milk, therefore, caution should be exercised if you are lactose intolerant, the 40mg daily dose proven to be effective in clinical studies is relatively inconsequential compared to dairy food consumptions. It is extremely potent to improve bone density as a nutrient.

sho Strength: A Winning Trio for Bone and Heart Health

And here comes the biggest secret: you can enjoy the best of all the worlds of these powerful nutrients in an easy, effective, and elegant fashion: simply click and swallow one tiny Spheri-Gel™ supplement, sho Strength, on a daily basis.

sho Strength is a star formula from the disruptor in the nutritional world, sho Nutrition. It is particularly formulated as a winning trio, combining vitamin D3, K2 as MenaQ7®, and MBP®, to help achieve optimum bone and heart health.

While most calcium and other supplements are hard to swallow and may not be well absorbed by your body, sho’s tiny, easy-to-swallow Spheri-Gels™ are smooth and easy to go down with optimal absorption, making it an excellent addition to your calcium rich daily diet or calcium supplement.

Healthy Daily Habits Build Stronger Body and Soul

In order for these super nutrients to maximize health benefits, it is important to take sho Strength on a regular basis for a sustainable period of time. Nothing is more powerful when we are disciplined with healthy daily routines, to nurture our body and soul.

That’s where sho’s ingenious daily tracking, one-click dispenser makes a difference by simplifying how your take supplements: just click, turn, and swallow. Click here to find out more:

It helps to incorporate sho Strength into your normal, daily routine. For example, put it together with your breakfast items, and remember to click it when you have your breakfast or any other meal or snack. This ensures all the nutrients are best utilized and absorbed, and long term benefits can be expected to keep your bones and heart strong.

Our bodies are constantly laboring hard to repair natural wear and tear, as well as to ward off stress in life and polluted environmental hazards. We can take care of our body with healthy diets, active lifestyles with physical exercises, and effective functional supplements such as sho Strength. Doing so now can go a long way in preventing osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases in the long run.


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