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How to Make Life Simple, Healthy and Organized in the New Year?

2020 means a new decade is here! A good time to reevaluate our life choices. Rather than trying to do more with ambitious goals, I wonder if many have realized that keeping life simple, healthy, organized ("sho" style), can actually improve productivity, and bring better health and happiness.

1. Keep It Simple. 

We are inundated by "stuff" - yet I guarantee you that it will feel so liberating when you get rid of the clutter and keep only the essentials - when was the last time that you cleaned out the cabinets and closets in your kitchen, bathroom, bookshelves, and bedroom? Only after you declutter, you will be able to see things more clearly to understand what is truly important and provide value. 

    Here is a list of ideas that could help you move in the right direction to declutter and refocus. Not every tip will fit your lifestyle, so choose a few that do and apply them in the new year.

    Focus on being productive and not busy

    Don’t just get things done; get the right things done. Results are always more important than the time it takes to achieve them. Stop and ask yourself if what you are working on is worth the effort. Is it helping you achieve your goals? Don’t get caught up in other things, even those that seem urgent, unless they are also important to achieve your goals.

    Spend Time with People That Matter

    There is too little time in life to waste with insincere people. We should focus time on the people we care about deeply and that care about us, as this is the best way to stay happy. In this new year, identify these people and make a point to connect with them regularly with phone dates, dinner dates, etc. It’s all about staying focused and staying connected to those that matter.

    family women

    2. Important Elements to Stay Healthy.

    Get in Shape

    “Losing weight,” “exercise more,” and “stay fit and healthy” are the most common New Year’s resolutions. It’s easy enough to start diet and exercise programs but the trick is to find the one that is sustainable.

    It’s important to add exercise into your daily routine to create a healthy habit or it will never get done. We advise minimum 30 minutes 3 times a week, and it’d be great if you can schedule one hour a day, 3-5 times per week. Block your calendar so you don’t try and schedule something else and you stay disciplined.

    Start Eating Healthier Foods

    Switching to a healthier diet sounds easy but it requires self-discipline, determination and creativity to stay on track. Learn to make small tradeoffs to opt for healthier foods rather than the less healthier ones. Control emotional eating and be aware of why diets fail, and make modifications over time. Small wins accumulate to a big win as long as you stay on the course of a healthier diet, even if you slip from time to time. Being more aware, compassionate to ourselves and the environment, and resilient with our healthy resolutions… should help you stay on track. Taking an interest in cooking and nutrition will help you find healthy recipes to eat well, and there are tons of healthy recipes that are simple and quick.  

    3. Tips to Stay Organized:

    Utilize a Notetaking Organizer

    Whether it is a physical notebook or a note page on your smartphone, write down everything that needs to get done. Be very comprehensive with the list so there is less mental clutter with things to remember. Even if you can’t get everything crossed off the same day it will help you stay on track and accomplished.

    Update your Calendar

    Take your notebook list to the calendar and make sure it’s updated with appointments, events, etc. so you know what’s planned for each minute of the day. Always give yourself at least 5 minutes before each appointment or task, so that you can take a transitional pause and a deep breath, to get yourself fully ready for whatever the next task that comes your way. You may want to utilize the electronic reminder or notification that works for you.

    sho supplements healthy food

    Menu Plan for the Day and the Week

    Don’t wait until the last minute to think about what to feed your vital body and brain. Try to prepare your weekly meal plan over the weekend, and set 10 minutes aside each morning for pre-planning for the day, so you don’t have to worry about it later.  Check your freezer, pull out the meat that is needed, look up a recipe and set everything up so you can have a meal ready at the right time of day.

    Supplement Functional Nutrition to Optimize Your Health

    If you have a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly, you should be in good physical health to carry out day to day tasks. It’s when there are certain areas that you feel might be a bit off, whether it’s energy, sleeping, digestive tract, etc., you may want to look into nutritional supplementation to optimize your performance.

    At sho, we look to inspire people to live a simple, healthy, organized lifestyle, starting from providing two simple, high quality, vegan supplements that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, a perfect hack for the year-end reflections and new year resolutions.

    sho balance and sho energy vitamin supplements

    Sho supplements are gluten free and dairy free, easy to swallow (tiny Spheri-Gels are made in Japan) and easy to remember (our cool container is a patented, daily-tracking, 1-click dispenser).

    • shoENERGY+ boosts energy metabolism and cognitive performance wittout jitters, due to its potent B vitamins and Matcha with light caffeine. 
    • shoBALANCE promotes regularity, colon health, and immunity, featuring 100 Billion CFU plant-based Lactobacillus Casei K-1 probiotics and prebiotic 5-in-1 blend. 

    What is your new year “sho” tip to make your life simple, healthy, organized? Please share with us! :)

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    Sheri Goddart
    Sheri Goddart

    March 19, 2020

    What a great article!
    I do agree that switching to a healthier diet sounds easy but it is not. I also like the sentence about focusing time on the people we care.
    Everything seemed to be nice in 2020….but after that we have heard about coronavirus. Now it is widely spread around the world.
    I think you should not be afraid of the virus unless you are older than 55.
    It is not that dangerous for young people.
    But you have to take care of the elderly, do not communicate with them.
    Let us wait and see what will happen.
    In my opinion, women are more sensitive, especially after 50. Some of them do get depression. My granny still likes to go to concerts/parties.
    It is time for us to provide proper healthcare


    March 13, 2020



    March 13, 2020



    January 16, 2020



    January 16, 2020


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