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Healthier You in the New Year!


#shoProgress Healthier You New Year Program

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Every year we make New Years Resolutions (OR GOALS) to lose weight, exercise more, lower our blood sugar, or improve our health in some way. We may start by going to the gym, eating more vegetables, and cutting down on alcohol for the month of January (OR AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PROGRAM), and then after a few weeks we go back to our usual habits. 


Our multi-faceted program will help you achieve long lasting health benefits by focusing on improving the internal biochemical processes required to achieve a greater state of health. 

FREE!14-day gut-friendly meal plan with recipes (and vegan substitutions)
FREE! 4-week body & brain workouts that energize and destress. 
30-min virtual counseling with Jonnie, Registered Dietatian & Personal Trainer
4. sho VEGAN
Experience digestive balance and energy boost as a 30-day healthy habit
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Work with the Pro, Jonnie....
Don't feel you are on your own for the 4-week plan. But rather, this program includes access to Sho's very own Registered Dietitian, Jonnie Agresta, for a Complimentary nutrition consultation!
Jonnie is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer with extensive experience in biology, chemistry, food science, metabolism, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and more!
The 30 minute free nutrition consultation will be used to discuss your individual nutrition and health goals, address any specific nutrition or medical concerns and help set up future sustainable health plans to ensure you continue on an appropriate health journey.

Gut Feeling Says It All

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