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sho ENERGY+ Refill: 60 Vegan Spheri-Gels

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Boost energy metabolism at cellular level, for body and brain.

Versatile and suitable for all lifestyles including a vegan diet, sho ENERGY+ fuels food metabolism and nerve health with potent B vitamins especially Folic Acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The addition of Green Tea Extract (Matcha) with natural caffeine keeps your mind calm and focused without jitters.


  • B vitamins play an important role in food metabolism and nerve functions. Stress, anxiety, imbalanced diet, aging… could all lead to B vitamin deficiency with symptoms such as low energy, poor memory, moodiness, fatigue, and other issues.
  • B12 is extremely important for nerve and red blood cell formation, and it is only available from animal foods. Taking vitamin B12 with Folic Acid for an extended period of time has been shown to improve cognitive functions like memory performance.
  • B6 is needed for neurotransmitters in the brain. A daily dose of 20mg for cognitive performance is recommended by Mayo Clinic.
  • Matcha (a delicate type of Green Tea Extract) contains potent antioxidants of catechin polyphenols, one of which is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), effective in calorie-burning metabolism and reducing free radical formation.
  • Matcha with natural caffeine releases balanced, sustained energy with calm and focus, and without jitters.
  • Easily customizable to fit your lifestyle and performance needs, you can simply titrate up or down the number of Spheri-Gels that you’d like to take everyday.
  • Vegetarian. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, sweeteners. Lecithin contains a small trace of soy protein.
  • Highest quality ingredients sourced from the most reputable global companies:
    • B vitamins from the global-leading life and material science company, DSM.
    • Green tea extract from Japanese matcha specialist, Maruzen.

Supplement Facts

For sustained energy release: 2 Spheri-Gels daily.
For intense physical and mental performance: 4 Spheri-Gels daily.

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Questions & Answers

1 How many sho Energy+ Spheri-Gels can I take in a day?

Our recommendation: for sustained daily energy support, 2 Spheri-Gels daily. For intense physical and mental performance: 4 Spheri-Gels daily. No more than 8 Spheri-Gels in a day.

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2 How and when should I take sho Energy+?

Find a daily routine when you remember to click sho Energy+, for example at breakfast, after lunch, before your workout (to give you an extra kick!) sho Energy+ does contain mild level of natural caffeine, so you may not want to take it too close to bedtime if you are sensitive to caffeine.

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3 Is it safe to take the dosage level in sho Energy+?

B vitamins and green tea extracts are well researched and established as safe ingredients by FDA. B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that get excreted out of your body through urine if not absorbed by your body.

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4 Why this particular B complex formula and dosage?

Many studies have shown the benefits of vitamin Bs, especially B6, B12 and folate, in relation to our physical and cognitive performances, including the preventative effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. sho Energy+ was created and formulated with these scientific researches in mind. To keep individual's mental brain performance and physical metabolism to the best levels, sho Energy+ has a clinically higher dose of B6, B16 and folic acid along with a potent antioxidant, calming agent of green tea extract/ matcha, to provide you with a versatile, quick and sustained energy support on a daily basis.

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5 sho Energy+ contains matcha. What are the benefits?

Matcha is powdered premium green tea leaves with proven antioxidant effects for the body and mind. It contains potent polyphenols such as EGCG and L-theanine resulting in reduced cholesterol and lipids, lowered inflammation in vital organs, and reduced oxidative stress in healthy cells.

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6 Does shoEnergy+ contain caffeine?

sho Energy+ contains matcha which contains a small amount of natural caffeine, i.e. 20mg per Spheri-Gel (compared to about 90mg in a cup of coffee). It is balanced with matcha’s calming effects which give you the mental alertness and concentration, but without the typical coffee jitters. Taking 4 Spheri-Gels is close to a cup of coffee (with the benefit of relaxed sharpness), and you can easily adjust your dosage based on your energy need of the day.

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7 I have medical conditions. Can I still take sho Energy+?

sho Energy+ does not contain any substance that is not considered as safe by FDA. However, if you have any medical conditions, you should consult your doctor first before taking shoEnergy+.

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8 What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in keeping your blood vessels, nervous system and brain healthy. Low level of vitamin B12 in the body can cause anemia and increase the risk of heart disease and dementia. Vitamin B12 can only be obtained from eating meat. People that are vegetarian and vegan can benefit from regular B12 supplementation. The good news is that sho Energy+ contains 50mcg vitamin B12 per serving to keep your body at its best form.

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9 What are the benefits of Vitamin B9 (Folate)?

Folic acid is essential for the health of your heart, blood vessels, brain, and liver. It is best known for the development of the fetal brain and nervous system making this supplement essential for women at childbearing age. Research has shown folic acid’s benefits in cognitive performances and metabolic functions. Our body can become deficient in this important vitamin. Each serving of shoEnergy+ contains 600 mcg of Folic acid.

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