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sho BALANCE: Gluten-Free, Vegan Probiotics

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  • Relieves constipation, boosts immunity*
  • Japan technology, fermented rice probiotics
  • Clinically effective 100 billion CFU
  • Easy to swallow Spheri-Gels
  • Patented daily-tracking dispenser

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Promotes colon health, regularity, and immune health.

Suffering from constipation, weak immune system, IBS and digestion issues, irregular bowel movement? You need good bacteria in your gut!

From Japan, clinically researched vegan probiotic strain, Lactobacillus Casei K-1, helps restore friendly gut bacteria so that you can stay positive and regular.

Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, artificial free, and easy to swallow. A perfect blend of vegan probiotics, prebiotic fiber, antioxidants, and healthy oils of omega-3. 

sho balance vegan probiotics prebiotics gut health skin health

  • Lactobacillus Casei K-1: The Winning Probiotic. Thoroughly researched by the Japanese scientists, it is selected as the optimal probiotic strain out of over 300 types of bacteria derived from fermented rice.
  • 100 Billion CFU Per Dose in 2 Small Spheri-Gels™. Consuming Lactobacillus Casei K-1 at 100mg per day (100 billion CFU) for 2 weeks has been clinically proven to improve bowel movement in stool frequency, amount, and shape, for those who are constipated.

sho balance probiotics constipation relief

  • Detox Effect to Counter Unhealthy Diet. Improvement of anti-mutagenic effect (elimination of cancer-causing substance from eating unhealthy foods such as burnt meat) is shown in research when Lactobacillus Casei K-1 is consistently consumed for 100mg daily.
  • Prebiotic FOS. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) acts as “food” for probiotics in the intestine, further assisting with intestinal microflora balance.
  • Super Food Spirulina. It not only contributes to the natural dark green color of sho BALANCE Spheri-Gels, but more importantly, helps boost your gut and immunity power with its potent antioxidant effects.
  • Plant-based flaxseed and olive oil. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid help keep digestive tract smooth, and immunity strong.
  • Vegan, Gluten free, dairy free. No artificial colors or flavors, wheat, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, sweeteners. Lecithin contains a small trace of soy protein.
  • Traceable, Clean, Effective Ingredients. Sourced only from the most reputable global companies:
    • Lactobacillus Casei K-1: from Kameda Seika (amount of lactic acid bacteria: >1 trillion/g).
    • Spirulina: from DIC Lifetec
    • Flaxseed and Olive Oil: from Summit Oil Mill

Supplement Facts:

sho balance vegan probiotics supplement facts


2 Spheri-Gels daily, minimum 2 weeks for best results.




Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews Write a review

Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews Write a review
Vegan Probiotics for All

We help relieve digestive troubles, not creating more, and our solution for all including a vegan diet is to create an optimal blend of vegan probiotics with prebiotic fiber, antioxident, and healthy oils.

Dairy free, gluten free, artificial additives free, all natural. 

Can Vegans eat probiotics?

Absolutely. Vegans just need be mindful of the sources of the probiotics to avoid animal ingredients and dairy sources, and stick with vegan probiotics. Choose plant-based fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerakraut, and vegan probiotics supplements. 

Are all probiotics vegan friendly?

No.  Many sources of probiotics such as yogurt and certain types of cheese contain dairy or animal products, not to mention they may cause stomach turbulence for lactose-sensitive or intolerant consumers. 
Choose probiotics supplements carefully as many probiotics strains are processed from animal or dairy ingredients; supplements may also contain animal ingredients in the inactive ingredients such as gelatin capsule of pork origin.

How do vegans get vegan probiotics?

Vegans can obtain healthy gut bacteria from plant-based sources such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, tempeh, vegan yogurts and kefir, sourdough, pickles, and plant-based probiotics supplements free from animal ingredients. 

Are there dairy-free probiotics?

Yes, there are vegan food sourced probiotics that don’t contain dairy (very good for lactose intolerant users btw) such as some soy/almond/coconut based yogurts are dairy-free, and probiotics are found in vegan-friendly fermented vegetables. A simpler way is to choose vegan probiotics supplements that are clean, high quality, potent in probiotics' billion CFU counts, and are easy to take.

Are there probiotics in vegan yogurt?

Yes, probiotics are usually created during a fermentation process regardless if the source of yogurt is dairy or non-dairy. In addition to soy sources (if you are not a big fan of soy), there are also other plant-based vegan yogurts from almond, coconut, etc. Actually, since most commercially available yogurts are pasteurized (live cultures are killed off) and probiotics are added back into the products, you need to pay particular attention to the food ingredients label to check what’s in the food base and in the probiotics, for you to fully enjoy the benefits of vegan probiotics in vegan yogurt.


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