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Pauls Pujats

Rio Olympian • Pole Vaulter • Model • Author

I enjoy the design of Sho nutrition's capsuls, but most of all, I felt the effects of Sho supplements in the second week of using Sho. It gave me more drive and willpower to do more and be more efficient in practices. I take them daily 30 minutes till 1 hour before my workouts.

Tiny gels, big punch!
Supplements easy to click, swallow, and remember.

Jolene Goring

Board Certified Nutritionist • Fitness Trainer • Arizona

Sho is awesome - it’s annoying to have to open a supplement bottle every morning and I used to skip taking supplements because I was in a hurry or just feeling lazy. With Sho, it’s one click and you'r done! These small sphere gels are so easy to swallow and give me the extra vitality boost!

Vegetarian and potent formulas.
Free of gluten, dairy, sugar, artificial additives.

Jannicke Saetre

Fitness • Vegan • Norway

I'm loving these vitamins from @shonutrition 💚 also for vegetarians and vegans🌱sho Energy+ has B12, B6, Matcha and more👌🏻 check it out👍🏻

Sleek, portable dispenser for on the go,
in the office, or at home.

Jon Hipp

Fashion Model • Crossfit Trainer • Triathloner, Marathoner U.S.A. and the World

Just "sho-ing" my gratitude and enjoyment of sho BALANCE gels. Great for being on the go between castings in Milan! I've been using sho Balance and love it! Super travel-friendly bottle, new spheri-gels that are easy to take. Y'all gotta try 'em out. 👌🏼

No more hard to swallow pills.
Tiny Spheri-Gels are easy to swallow.

Alix Phillips

Bikini Competitor • Second To None Athlete • Australia

Vitamins are extremely important during a competition prep. While on reduced calories and strenuous exercise, you are depleting your body of its necessary vitamins and nutrients, so supplementing with vitamins is a great idea. I struggle with tablets usually, but sho's tiny little gels are super easy to take, so I am taking them every day!

A cool clickable gadget, a daily healthy habit.


Emmy Nominated Rapper, Actor, Writer • Health Nut • New York City

Got my #workout on! Clicked my @shonutrition #vitamins to get my day started! Every day I start with a #click of @shonutrition #vitamins making sure I'm good!!

Track daily intake with a simple twist of a dial.
sho BALANCE keeps gut health in check.

Simply Classy Cassie

Fashion, fitness, beauty blogger • Sweet tooth challenge • Los Angeles

I love how convenient and small sho is along with being able to track what day you are taking sho. Sometimes it will be towards the end of the day and I can’t remember if I took my vitamins or not so I just skip that day. No one likes to talk about their bowel movements and regularity but sho Balance has really revolutionized my gut health!

sho ENERGY+ boosts physical and mental energy every day!

Francesca Bersellini

Health, beauty, fashion • Language and Literature • Italy

I take Kickboxing and Combat Strike courses that require a relatively high expenditure of energy and I have to study. Sho turned out to be perfect because I need a surplus of energy. I have found them very comfortable, very easy to ingest and above all without any side effect. They are helping me a lot to keep my energy to a good level in a very stressful time for me both physically and mentally.

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A Healthy Habit

Life is transformed, one healthy habit at a time, from clicking your daily vitamins.

Veggie Formulas

Vegetarian and suitable for all lifestyles including veganism.

Function Specific

Boost particular health functions with multi-ingredient premium blends.

Easy to Swallow

Pearl-like, petite, smooth Spheri-Gels are suitable for adults of all ages.

Potent, Concentrated

Small in size, effective in doses, delivered by the most potent nutrients.

Highest Quality

Quality is why we created sho: only the best of every element, for ourselves and for you.

One Click Dispenser

Taking supplements has never been easier – a Spheri-Gel in your hand, with a click.

Daily Tracker

No more confusion whether you have taken your pills for the day, with a simple turn of the dial.

Sleek, Portable

Home, office, travel... click your way to better health, anywhere, anytime.

Auto Shipping

No more running out of pills – “sho” up at your door, at your pace.

Clean, potent, premium quality ingredients

At sho, we choose only the best for you and ourselves. because when it comes to dietary supplements, source of ingredients and quality manufacturing, all make a difference.

We go to great lengths throughout every step of the supply chain to ensure effectiveness and safety, for your ease of use, and peace of mind. All our ingredients are sourced from globally trusted suppliers in Japan and America that you can trace. Our supplements are created at state-of-the-art facilities that are US FDA-registered, and GMP certified.

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Easy-to-swallow Spheri-Gels™

No more hard-to-swallow “horse pills". We use cutting-edge encapsulation technology from Japan that creates a highly concentrated, petite, vegetarian gelcap (Spheri-Gel™) that is easy to swallow, quick to absorb, and pleasing to the eye - the ultimate in quality and aesthetics from Japan.

Gluten free, dairy free, no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and additives, sho's vegetarian Spheri-Gels deliver clean and essential nutrients effectively and efficiently that are good for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.

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A sleek, portable, daily tracking dispenser - makes taking supplements a simple, healthy habit.

sho packaging is nothing like those boring vitamin bottles that end up hidden behind cabinet doors. sho's packaging is itself a cool, portable gadget, easy and fun to use, turning your daily dose of healthfulness into a healthy habit.

New to the world, our patent-pending one-click-dispenser drops a Spheri-Gel into your hand with a click, and tracks your daily progress with the turn of a dial.

It’s so simple and smart, that you are happy to show it off and click away, anytime, anywhere. No more forgetting to take your supplements, and no more confusion about whether you checked it off for the day. When life clicks in harmony, you are on your way to being at your best.

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