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sho ENERGY+: B Vitamins & Matcha

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  • Fights fatigue, poor memory, brain fog*
  • B vitamins at clinically effective doses
  • Plus Matcha for sustained energy, no jitters 
  • Easy to swallow Spheri-Gels
  • Patented daily-tracking dispenser
  • 60 Spheri-Gels, 1-Month Supply

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Product Description


Quick and sustained energy boost with calm focus and alertness, without jitters.

sho ENERGY+ is a clean and effective trio combo of essential vitamins B plus Matcha with a touch of caffeine, to give you a quick and lasting energy boost with alertness, focus, memory, and performance, without jitters. It comes in small, easy-to-swallow Spheri-Gels popped into your hand with a click, easy to take and remember anytime anywhere, when you need to:

  • Get up and go in a positive mood
  • Focus and perform without jitters or brain fog
  • Push harder at your work or workout
  1. Vitamin B Complex reduces Fatigue, Low energy, Poor Memory, Moodiness, Brain Fog, and other sluggish feelings.
  2. Potent doses of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and B6 improve energy metabolism and cognitive functions like memory performance.
  3. Matcha (a delicate type of Green Tea Extract) is effective in calorie-burning metabolism and reducing free radical formation with potent antioxidants.
  4. Matcha with light natural caffeine releases balanced, sustained energy with calmness and focus, and without jitters.
  5. Vegan friendly. Free from dairy, gluten, animal ingredients, or artificial additives.

This Whole vitamins B complex Kit comes with a coolest Portable Daily-Tracking Dispenser in addition to the Supplements. A gel pops in your hand with a click - no more fumbling with the bottle caps, and no more confusion about your daily intake, to build a simple, healthy, daily habit.

sho = simple, healthy, organized.

Designed in New York, made in Japan, sho️ enables you to show off your best self to the world. A patented, “Pez” like daily-tracking dispenser easily integrates your daily supplementation into your health routine, and sho's vegan Spheri-Gels powered by the cutting-edge Japanese encapsulation technology deliver the clean, potent, well-researched, and proven-effective nutrients in an easy-to-swallow small pill.

Click your way to better health, one sho at a time.

Be sure to check out our "sho BALANCE" 100 Billion Vegan Probiotics and "sho BEAUTY" Hair Skin Nails Vegan Supplements here. Use as a supplement stack with "sho ENERGY+" to promote a clear-headed, high performing state at the cellular level from inside out, head to toe.

Trio combo of B Vitamins and Matcha with Light Caffeine fuels your body & brain, for your work and workout.
Portable and versatile, sho Energy+ gives you an extra edge anytime, anywhere.
Clean Energy Supplements for Women & Men for All Types of Diets Especially Vegans

With just 1/4 inch SPHERI-GELS, say Goodbye to Daily Anxiety of swallowing big pills. Clean, Potent, Vegan.
*Dairy free, Gluten free, Artificial additives free, and allergens free!

  • Easier to sustain a HEALTHY HABIT
  • No more confusion with a Daily Dial
  • Minimises Contamination & Air Exposure
  • Prevents Wastage due to Spillage
  • Sleek & Portable

    Each Spheri-Gel contains Potent Essential B Vitamins especially Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, B6, B2 and B1, plus Matcha balanced with Mild Caffeine

    - Easy to adjust # of daily gels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it help with brain functions?

    Essential B vitamins especially the combo of vitamin B12, Folic Acid (B9), and vitamin B6 has been shown to have nervous system health benefits especially in the areas of memory and speed of processing among other cognitive functions. Plus, the balance between Matcha and light caffeine provides a quick uplift of mental alertness yet keeping you calm and focused, getting things done without jitters.

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    What’s the vitamin B12 dosage in sho Energy+?

    2 Spheri-Gels contain 50ug Vitamin B12, and you can easily adjust your daily dose up or down to meet your needs and diet habits. Numerous clinical studies have shown that an abundant amount of B12, especially when combined with Folic Acid (B9) and B6 for up to 100ug a day, helps amend vitamin B deficiencies and improve cognitive performances including memory, when used on a regular basis for an extended period of time. B vitamins are water-soluble, and the amounts not absorbed by the body are released through urine, which makes them safe for daily use. B Vitamins are essential for metabolic, neurological, and cognitive functions; they are an important micronutrient which has been widely researched and used with proven effectiveness and safety.

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    Is this energy supplement good for vegans?

    Absolutely Yes! sho Energy+ contains no animal ingredients, and it is dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and additive free, which making it perfect for all lifestyles including vegans who tend to be vitamin B12 deficient, with its potent vitamin B12 content among other B vitamins, plus Matcha with light caffeine. The small, easy to swallow Spheri-Gel has a vegan softgel skin that's cleaner and more stable than a traditional animal-based gelatin shell.

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    Does sho Energy+ have both green tea (matcha) and coffee (caffeine) in it?

    For a daily dose of 2 Spheri-Gels, there are 40mg Matcha (20mg per gel) and 40mg Caffeine (20mg per gel), in addition to abundant amounts of essential B vitamins for your body and brain functions. The Matcha in sho Energy+'s tiny, easy-to-swallow Spheri-Gel is the highly-concentrated, distilled extract of antioxidant polyphenol in powder form without other bulk materials from the green tea leaves. Then the highly concentrated natural caffeine powder is added back into the blend. This creates the clean, effective (potent) and efficient (small in size) powerhouse that gives you alertness yet calmness, without jitters. Plus, you can easily adjust the number of gels based on your energy needs. Distilled extract of antioxidant polyphenol in powder form + Highly concentrated natural caffeine powder. High Concentrate of Matcha and Natural Caffeine Powder.

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    How many sho ENERGY+ Spheri-Gels can I take in a day?

    Our recommendation: for sustained daily ENERGY+ support, 2 Spheri-Gels daily. For intense physical and mental performance: 4 Spheri-Gels daily. No more than 8 Spheri-Gels in a day.

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    How and when should I take sho ENERGY+?

    Find a daily routine when you remember to click sho ENERGY+, for example at breakfast, after lunch, or before your workout (to give you an extra kick!). sho ENERGY+ contains mild level of natural caffeine, so you may not want to take it too close to bedtime if you are sensitive to caffeine.

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    Is it safe to take the dosage level in sho ENERGY+?

    B vitamins and green tea extracts are well researched and established as safe ingredients by FDA. B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that get excreted out of your body through urine if not absorbed by your body.

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    There are many Vitamin B Complex supplements out there - the reasons behind your vitamin B combination?

    B vitamins work at the cellular level to enhance food metabolism and nerve system development, improving our body’s fuel supply function over time when taken consistently. Unbalanced diet, poor habits such as smoking and drinking, in addition to effects of stress and aging, all obstruct proper nutrient digestion and absorption and risking vitamin B deficiency, which makes daily vitamin B supplementation beneficial. Sho ENERGY+ particularly chose the essential B vitamins that tend to be lacking from our diets, yet are essential not only for our body but also for our nervous system functions. We optimized the dosage combination and ingredient interactions based on numerous scientific studies.

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    What is Matcha?

    Matcha, a Japanese word, is a refined type of green tea in powder form commonly consumed in Japan, compared to the green tea leaves widely available in China. It is appreciated for its “smooth energy” effect, balancing calmness (theanine) and alertness (mild caffeine), not to mention its potent antioxidant and fat-burning health benefits (high content of polyphenols such as EGCG catechin).

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    What are the benefits of Matcha Caffeine?

    The concentration of Matcha provides high levels of antioxidants, and like green tea, also is calming while contributing to increased focus. When balanced with low dose caffeine, Matcha provides a consistent and natural boost without the jittery and crashing feelings common with other stimulants. Matcha with low dose caffeine is a source of sustained energy among many other health benefits, yet is better and less stressful for the body.

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    Does sho ENERGY+ contain caffeine?

    Yes, sho ENERGY+ contains a touch of natural caffeine i.e. 20mg per Spheri-Gel (compared to over 100mg in a cup of coffee). Synergistically blended with essential B vitamins and Matcha, sho ENERGY+ gives you a quick pick-me-up that is also smooth and calm without being over-stimulated or feeling jittery. A smarter energy boost anytime, anywhere, in the morning, after lunch, or before a workout. You can easily adjust your dosage based on your energy need of the day, from 2 to 4 or up to 8 Spheri-Gels a day, with the benefit of calm alertness.

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    What’s the size of the gel? I can’t swallow big pills.

    sho’s vegan Spheri-Gels are very small and easy to swallow, just about a quarter of an inch (7mm) in diameter, particularly designed so you don't need to deal with the hard-to-swallow big pills. The Spheri-Gel pops into your hand with a click, and the patented dispenser packaging is also small and easy to carry in your purse wherever you go, gym or office or traveling.

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    I have medical conditions. Can I still take sho ENERGY+?

    sho ENERGY+ does not contain any substance that is not considered as safe by FDA. However, if you have any medical conditions, you should consult your doctor first before taking shoENERGY+.

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    Why did you choose these B vitamins plus Matcha in sho ENERGY+?

    Many studies have shown the benefits of vitamin Bs, especially B6, B12 and folic acid, in relation to our physical and cognitive performances, including the preventative effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. sho ENERGY+ was created and formulated with these scientific researches in mind. To keep individual's nervous system (brain functions) and physical metabolism at the optimal levels, sho ENERGY+ has a clinically higher dose of B6, B12 and folic acid along with a potent antioxidant, calming agent of green tea extract/ matcha with low dose caffeine, to provide you with a versatile, quick and sustained energy support without jitters on a daily basis.

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    What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?

    Vitamin B12 plays an important role in keeping your blood vessels, nervous system and brain healthy. Low level of vitamin B12 in the body can cause anemia and increase the risk of heart disease and dementia. Vitamin B12 can only be obtained from eating meat. People that are vegetarian and vegan can benefit from regular B12 supplementation. The good news is that sho ENERGY+ contains 50mcg vitamin B12 per serving to keep your body at its best form.

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    What are the benefits of Vitamin B9 (Folate)?

    Folic acid is essential for the health of your heart, blood vessels, brain, and liver. It is best known for the development of the fetal brain and nervous system making this supplement essential for women at childbearing age. Research has shown folic acid’s benefits in cognitive performances and metabolic functions. Our body can become deficient in this important vitamin. Each serving of shoENERGY+ contains 600 mcg of Folic acid.

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    What are the benefits of Vitamin B6?

    Vitamin B6 has a combination of important functions for the body - it helps with red blood cell production, liver detoxification, the development and proper function of the brain and nervous system, as well as playing a role in about 100 metabolic enzyme reactions. sho ENERGY+ contains 20mg vitamin B6 per serving for cognitive performance which is recommended by Mayo Clinic.

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