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Tips from 4 Fitness Pros to Keep Your New Year Workout Resolutions in 2017!

Posted: December 21 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Have you got the mindset and a workout plan for the new year, 2017? sho Nutrition interviews 4 fitness Pros to learn from their health tips and inspire us to be a bit smarter and push a bit harder in our new year workout resolutions so that we can live a better "sho" lifestyle: simple, healthy, organized. More

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"Healthy" and "Glamourous" Go Hand in Hand for This Brazilian Vegan TV Personality

Posted: November 01 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Brazilian-born, Miami-based, multi-talented TV personality Syama Reyes masterfully balances the art of "healthy" and "glamorous". As a vegan, Syama shares her perspectives to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle. 

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Hear what people are saying about vegan probiotics and energy vitamins by shoNutrition!

Posted: October 01 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

When people first experience shoBalance and shoEnergy, we caught their impressed responses: "It's gonna give you energy but keep your mind calm?" "Fermented rice for probiotics?!" "Vegan?! Even better." Check out people's delighted reactions when they try sho supplements for the first time!

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How to Make Today Amazing? Answers from Board Certified Nutritionist Jolene

Posted: August 23 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Board Certified Nutritionist, Jolene Goring, shares with us her tips to make today and every day amazing! Jolene is also going to put us on the right path to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle in 2017 with her 2017 "21 Healthy Habits Challenge in 21 Days" starting from January 16th, 2017!  More

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How Does This Busy Single Mom Juggle a Full Time Job and Stay Fit, Healthy & Beautiful?

Posted: July 27 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Cassie is the girl behind the blog, Simply Classy, who writes about life, fashion, beauty and everything in between. As a busy single mother who has a full-time job, Cassie shares her #shoWisdom to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle, and how sho Balance helps keep her gut health in check. More

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