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Jump Higher - An Olympian's Pursuit of The American Dream

Posted: May 03 2018 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

What “clicked” between a Rio Olympian from Latvia and sho Nutrition? Besides our shared passion for better nutrition, healthier lifestyle, and helping others live better, we are both on the journeys of carving out our own marks and pursuing the American dreams. More

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If a Health Routine is Not a Part of Your Lifestyle, It Won’t Be Sustainable.

Posted: January 01 2018 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

When life gets in the way, our efforts to stay healthy get thrown into the back burner... At sho Nutrition, we are all about living a simple, healthy, organized – sho lifestyle, and we decided to speak with healthy lifestyle role model Jonathan Hippensteel, International Model / Ironman Triathlete / CrossFit Trainer, to hear his #shoWisdom that could help all of us to do more, feel better and be happier. More

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Tips from 4 Fitness Pros to Keep Your New Year Workout Resolutions in 2017!

Posted: December 21 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Have you got the mindset and a workout plan for the new year, 2017? sho Nutrition interviews 4 fitness Pros to learn from their health tips and inspire us to be a bit smarter and push a bit harder in our new year workout resolutions so that we can live a better "sho" lifestyle: simple, healthy, organized. More

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"Healthy" and "Glamourous" Go Hand in Hand for This Brazilian Vegan TV Personality

Posted: November 01 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

Brazilian-born, Miami-based, multi-talented TV personality Syama Reyes masterfully balances the art of "healthy" and "glamorous". As a vegan, Syama shares her perspectives to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle. 

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Hear what people are saying about vegan probiotics and energy vitamins by shoNutrition!

Posted: October 01 2017 in Simple, Healthy, Organized

When people first experience shoBalance and shoEnergy, we caught their impressed responses: "It's gonna give you energy but keep your mind calm?" "Fermented rice for probiotics?!" "Vegan?! Even better." Check out people's delighted reactions when they try sho supplements for the first time!

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