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Simple, Healthy, Organized

How to Make Life Simple, Healthy and Organized in the New Year?

What are the tips that can help you live your 2019 in a simple, healthy, organized fashion - sho lifestyle? Understand what a simple life means, focus on being productive rather than busy, spend time with people that matter, get in shape, eat healthier foods, and take quality sho supplements that are easy to take and easy to remember.

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Holistic Health Tips That Can Make You Look and Feel Amazing

It's not just about the look - do you want to truly feel amazing? These holistic health tips are easy to incorporate into your everyday life to feel your best and see the results. 

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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle | Tips from an Instagram Influencer, ESPN Reporter Olivia Harlan Dekker

Traveling a lot? Learn the inside scoop on healthy lifestyle tips from the fitness pros, an ESPN and Westwood One sideline reporter, Olivia Harlan Dekker.

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7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips from 7 Fitness & Nutrition Experts that You Don't Want to Miss!

How can you live the healthiest life? What are the right things to do? Check out these 7 healthy lifestyle tips from the 7 fitness and nutrition experts who are here to help!

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5 Simple Ways for Busy People to Incorporate Self-Care into Their Day

Check out these 5 simple self-care tips for busy people that you can incorporate into your day, from mindful eating, healthy sleep habits, to declutting your space and meditation, these simple, healthy, organized - sho healthy lifestyle tips can improve your life immediately.

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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle | Tips from an Instagram Influencer, Yoga Teacher Mikaila Cruz

Find out what New Yorker yoga & meditation teacher and Instagram influencer does to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho healthy lifestyle, for vegans as well as non-vegans.

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5 Tips to Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Busy Life!

When busy reality gets in the way of healthy habits, what should you do when you want to make sustained, positive changes in life, such as eating healthier, being more active, or doing more of what you are passionate about? Here are practical tips to help you achieve your health goals and make it happen!  

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