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How to Use Vitamin B to Relieve Anxiety Attacks & Stress

Are you one of those who struggles with stress or anxiety? You are not alone. Millions of people wake up to these dreadful feelings on a regular basis. Even worse, some experience more severe type of anxiety attacks that can strike suddenly and almost knock you out of normal functioning, negatively affecting your health, productivity, and livelihood. 

If you’re experiencing uncontrollable amounts of stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings of fear, seeking professional treatment may be necessary. But for most people who live high-pressured lives as working professionals, parents, multi-taskers…. stress and anxiety are an unavoidable part of daily life, and often time, the intense feelings can build as the result of an increasing imbalance in our physical or mental health.

It’s well understood that routine exercise and a well-balanced diet are effective in reducing stress and anxiety, and should be among the first things considered. Join a gym, get a nutrition coach, try yoga or meditation practices – there are many ways to get started!

In today’s article, we are focusing on a lesser-known factor that plays an important part in managing the balance of stress and anxiety: Vitamin B levels in the body. People may be surprised to hear that there is considerable evidence about the health benefits of B vitamins for anxiety attacks and intense level of stress.

Having a vitamin B deficiency can cause symptoms of anxiety and stress; increasing Vitamin B levels through proper diet or nutritional supplements may alleviate mental fatigue and depressive tendencies more quickly, to achieve the balance you need to regain control of your life and happiness.

The Impact of Stress and Anxiety on Your Body

Daily stress may be caused by events such as losses happened to a loved one, project deadlines, financial crises, getting into a conflict at home or workplace… Even seemingly positive things like preparing for a wedding or a big party can cause extreme stress.

Stress and anxiety are good at draining your body’s energy. Even If some time passes by without any attacks, your body is still tense, and you are still forced to keep your body on guard. That drains your energy metabolism which could have been allocated to do other useful tasks in life.

When stress and anxiety deteriorate, they can cause your body to spin out of control as your body loses its ability to cope. It can affect several organ systems. Heart rate rises, blood pressure elevates, and the arteries lose their ability to expand. The digestion becomes erratic, you may experience frequent stomach cramps, diarrhea, or constipation. Tension often affects many muscles over the body, as well as the nervous system in your brain, causing pain, chronic fatigue, and depressive mental health issues

Frequent stress and anxiety attacks can also make you succumb to unhealthy habits. You may pick up drinking, smoking or the use of other addictive substances as a coping mechanism.

Simple Tools to Relieve Stress and Anxiety. 

Seeking professional assistance of mental health in managing chronic stress and anxiety attacks is critically important. However, for vast majority of busy people who have to cope with them on a daily basis, there are simple, healthy approaches to help reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety. 

Accepting your body’s reactions is much more helpful than trying to fight or hide it. Hyperventilation only brings additional sensations like lightheadedness and chest tightness. If anxiety starts to rise, try to control your breathing. Take deeper breaths and count your inhales and exhales, so that you mind is focused on breathing which is a quick way to calm your nerves down. 

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Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable issues, try to break them down into smaller, more actionable chunks of tasks, and seek help from trusted individuals. Asking for help and having a support system among your trusted family and friends can make a huge difference to pull yourself out of a sense of despair.

One more simple method is to supplement B vitamins if vitamin B deficiency may be part of your out-of-balance health issues.

How Does Vitamin B Help with Stress and Anxiety?

Battling stress itself is challenging despite individual’s strong wills. Those who deal with immense stress on an almost daily basis often find themselves drained and out of energy.

When you are out of energy due to stress and anxiety, you will probably need more than coffee, sugar or energy drinks. Combating chronic stress and anxiety with reliance on stimulants and sugar is not a healthy and sustainable method. What you need is to rejuvenate your energy metabolism at the cellular level from inside out, for your body and mind, and B vitamins are great nutrients that can help you get out of the funk.

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Vitamin B is a group of 8 separate vitamins. Often called together as vitamin B complex, these vitamins are essential to the body. They form important components of many enzymes in the body, especially those needed for energy production. The body uses several B vitamins to unlock energy stored in food to fuel the body’s activities. The cells in our body also need vitamin B to produce amino acids, nucleic acids and produce energy.  


B Vitamins can be found in many foods. Whole grains and dark leafy greens are particularly good sources. Vitamin B12 is only available in animal sourced protein, therefore people on a vegetarian or vegan diet may have the tendency of vitamin B12 deficiency. Stress, anxiety, moodiness, depression, excessive use of alcohol, smoking, drugs, and unhealthy diet can all deplete vitamin B levels in your system, and reduce proper absorption of B vitamins from diet.

When your body is at a level of B vitamin deficiency, your red blood cells become insufficient, causing anemia that can result in frequent fatigue. Your nervous system may not work properly, or you could struggle with brain fog, fatigue, poor memory, and moodiness.

As simple as adding a vitamin B energy boost supplement as part of your daily routine can make a big difference in your physical and mental health, as well as improve your mood and positive outlook of life. 

sho ENERGY+: an Instant and Sustained “Pick Me Up”.

Supplementing B vitamins is a simple and healthy way to help relieve stress and anxiety, and a uniquely designed vitamin B supplement like sho Energy+ is even better suited for people who feel overwhelmed by life demands and probably don’t want to add more chores to their "to do list".

sho Energy+ makes it simple and easy to incorporate vitamin B supplements as part of your daily routine. You can simply click the attractive-looking sho dispenser, swallow the small Spheri-Gels which are clean and vegan, turn the daily tracking dial from today to tomorrow, and be done with your daily boost of energy and mood.

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Check out the importance of these premium ingredients scientifically researched and formulated in sho Energy+, especially the vitamin B benefits for energy boost:

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Low levels of thiamine can make you more vulnerable to cellular-level stress or oxidative stress. There is evidence that taking enough vitamin B1 thiamine may help reduce oxidative stress.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Riboflavin may have oxidative stress-reducing effects. Low riboflavin may induce anemia and fatigue. 

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Low pyridoxine may induce development of depression and anxiety problems. Pyridoxine is an important component of several neurotransmitters in the brain so a deficiency of the vitamin B6 may be linked to mental stress. 

Folic Acid

Benefits of folic acid are better known, but it's crucial to emphasize its effects on nervous system development, and low level of folic acid may cause you to be vulnerable to anxiety and depression. 

B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Cyanocobalamin is known to reduce depressive symptoms in people treated with antidepressants. Many people, notably the elderly, may be at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency in cyanocobalamin. People with unbalanced diet may have digestion issues that prevent optimal absorption of B vitamins from food. Certain dietary lifestyles such as vegan or vegetarian avoiding animal protein may need to add vitamin b12 supplement for energy metabolism.


Matcha green tea extract is known for its abundant health benefits as a potent antioxidant and immunity booster that helps lower oxidative stress in the body. It also has an optimized calming and cool-headed effects that help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Low dose caffeine

A cup of joe does help brighten your outlook quickly, but controlling the caffeine amount is key to keep your mental state calm and focused, without feeling jittery, anxious, or even the anxiety of crash and burn. That's why the balanced blend of Matcha green tea extract and light caffeine in sho Energy+ gives you the pick-me-up without over stimulating, or adding more mental stress / mood swings. 

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sho Energy+ supplement factssho Nutrition supplements are vegan formula, and dairy free, gluten free, without sweeteners or any artificial additives. sho Energy+ is particularly formulated with clinically researched and effective dosages of the above ingredients, and you can easily titrate up or down the daily dose based on your needs to boost your physical energy as well as sustaining cognitive performances and relieving depressive symptoms.  (no more than 8 Spheri-Gels per day, see Supplement Facts). 

With the above information, hope you now have a better understanding of the benefits of B vitamins in relation to stress and anxieties, and how sho Energy+ gives you a better defense against anxiety attacks and intense stress. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below, or email us at at any time. 


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