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What Does a Youtube Influencer Have to Say about sho Energy+ Vegan Vitamins?

Click below to watch the video by the fabulous Youtube Influencer, C's Beauty Blog:

Transcription 0:21 - 5:03:

In this video, I'm going to be talking to you about sho Energy+. This is an energy supplement with really good ingredients, so as we talked about in the first video, sho Nutrition stands for "simple, healthy, and organized".

sho Nutrition has done a really good job at streamlining the way that we take supplements, with their innovative dispenser, super handy tracker ring, and the size of their supplements. They're creating really easy to take supplements that are super easy to remember.

You can take them with you, like I did, I took them to the horse show, and I remember to take them every single day. so I am a huge fan of these, I've been taking them for a few weeks now, and have truly noticed some improvements in my daily life. 

sho energy+ b vitamins matcha easy to take

In the previous video, we talked about this sho Balance. That's their 100-billion CFU probiotic formula energy plus formula, so by 3-in-1, the ingredients include Matcha, B vitamins including B1, B12, B9, and B6, and B2. and also some Caffeine, so you're getting a well-rounded approach of energy metabolism.

This is supposed to help provide you with quick and sustained energy, calm focus and alertness, without the jitters, so you're not gonna be shaky, not going to be getting those jitters, but you will have the energy. You'll have a little energy boost throughout your day.

This supplement is rich in vitamin B12, B6, and Folic Acid, that have extensive clinical research to show that it optimizes your metabolism, fuels the body, and improves brain function, so it's going to help enhance your cognitive performances on tests, on alertness, on memory, on just daily activities. 

They've also found and this is widely known that Matcha or Green Tea is great as a fat burning supplement and antioxidant, and gives you a little bit of a low dose Caffeine "pick-me-up" throughout your day. So the great part about this formula is you don't have to take at any specific time, because you're not going to be getting those jitters, because you're just gonna be getting a little bit of an alertness boost.

sho energy+ 3-in-1 energy vitamins vitamin b complex matcha caffeine

You can take this in the morning if you need a little pick-me-up, you can take it with your coffee, or instead of coffee, which would probably be even better, I mean we all need to reduce the amount of coffee we drink probably, so this is going to give you that little bit of your pick-me-up, this is going to help you get going.

If you find that you get around 2 o'clock and you start hitting that 2 o'clock slump, you can take it then. Super easy to take. Take it with your lunch, and you're gonna get that little boost that you need to finish your work day out, because let's be honest, we get around 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and you can start to decline a little bit. Your performance declines, your energy declines, and what really you are thinking about is getting home, and having a glass of wine... Two of these little guys are gonna help you get back on track, and finish your day out strong.

Another really great way to take these is before a sport or workout. So I know that I don't really like to eat or really taking any kind of pre-workout supplements, because I always feel really sick when I do that. These are so small and so non-invasive, I can pop two of these right before I go to the gym, and I feel that my performance has been boosted.

I have the energy, I work out harder, I get better results without feeling sick or having that heavy-weight in my stomach. You know when you run and you start to feel a little queasy, because it feels like you've got a rock in your stomach. With these little guys, you are not going to have that rock in your stomach. With these little guys, you are not going to have that.

sho nutrition daily tracking ring dial

These supplements all come in a box like this. There will be one container that has your supplements  - it will have a lid on it - of course I have taken my lid off. So the great part about this: it has all the days a week, all the days of the week are on the ring, so as you take them, you twist your lid, you know when you need to take them, and when you've taken them. And the super easy dispenser method: you just click it twice, to get your supplemental.

So I actually need to take mine right now, because I haven't done it yet, so all you have to do is when you get it, you pop the dispenser and tracker on, squeeze these two together trying to do it one hand, there's one and there's two.

sho energy+ click small easy to swallow vegan vitamins

Another super amazing thing: how many of you have trouble taking your pills? I mean I know some of my pills are this big! I promise you they're giant horse pills. Look at these little guys. They're tiny. They are literally tiny: here's my fingernail - it's like a quarter of my fingernail. So easy to take, I don't even need water. So if you're on the go, you take two of these, done. Super easy to take, don't need water, they don't get stuck, they go right down.

sho energy+ small easy to swallow vegan vitamin b matcha

So the really great part about sho Nutrition is they figured out not only how to have this innovative technique of remembering and dispensing, but they also created these super potent microspheres that are giving you high strength supplements, a great combination of ingredients, and an easy to take method, so I really really love these.

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