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5 Tips to Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Busy Life!

When it comes to healthy habits, here's the reality: life often gets in the way. Our good, positive aspirations can quickly be deprioritized amid busy schedules, and without noticing, we end up right where we started.  

Yet in my search for healthy life "hacks" to improve my health and productivity, one thing I've learned is, how important it is to make our own health a priority.  

I have to admit that it’s not easy, and it’s always been a trial & error work-in-progress, yet that's why I created sho Nutrition - to make it easier to nourish ourselves, even though we're all so busy.  Because taking quality supplements that help you function and conquer the day should work well and be easy, and it is when it's a simple, healthy, organized – “sho” habit.

So, here are 5 tips that I have accumulated from my own experience that I hope help you incorporate healthy habits into your busy lives. Don’t we all want to do more, live better, and be healthier? I say we can. 

1. Start with One Simple Habit

I have found that the best way to form a good habit is to start small, keep it simple, and have a quick win. Whatever you want to do, find a small habit you can implement right away, and stick to it, no matter what.

It may sound trivial, because we all love hearing amazing stories of instant personal transformation, but we also know too well that old habits are hard to kick, and new ones are hard to stick.

But if you pick a simple, healthy change one at a time, you are more likely to have a taste of success, which will encourage you to continue the path of positive changes in life, forming a virtuous cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

For instance, swap out that chocolate cookie with a handful of nuts and dry fruits to go with your afternoon coffee or tea, every other day; Walk 10 minutes during lunch break at least three times a week...

And focus all your attention on doing it consistently, for the next minimum 21 days. Once you can stick to one simple change for three or four weeks, you will with no doubt experience its health benefits, which will give you a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence.

sho nutrition daily tracking dial ring healthy life healthy habitThat’s exactly the philosophy behind sho’s daily tracking dispenser design – not only have we made accessing the easy-to-swallow supplements as easy as a click, we designed a daily tracking dial so that you know if you have taken your supplements of the day, and register in your head your daily health routine until it becomes a second nature.

2. Give Each Habit at least 21 Days

Once you have picked a healthy habit and started practicing it, it is important to keep up the momentum - you are what you repetitively do, or eat.

Research has shown various durations of days for a healthy habit to stick, but chances are if you can stick to doing something for 21 days, it will become your second nature. Think of starting any healthy habit as your monthly challenge, with an enticing reward to yourself at the end of the 3 weeks' course.

With any goal that you’d like to carry out, commit to repeating it for at least 21 days, and then add the next new resolution. Month by month, you will be amazed by how baby steps of changes with consistency can accumulate to BIG transformations in life.

3. Realize That Some Healthy Habits Are Not For You

You have to realize that not all habits are good for everyone. The key is to listen to your body, instead of forcing it to do something just because the internet says so.

For example, if you are more a night owl than a morning person, no matter how the successful overachievers credit their productivity to their early rises, if it’s not you, forcing yourself to rise early would only make you grouchy.

You have to find healthy activities and schedules that fit your tempo and style, whether it’s to have a slow morning start with brewing your favorite cup of tea, sneak in a gym class during lunch break, or write 500 words of daily reflections before bed…

Pick what you enjoy doing the most, rather than following everyone else’s agenda, and you will have the best chances of incorporating healthy habits into your life, not others.

4. Practice the Simple Process of TAG

In reality, there are daily incidences and emotions that put us on a rollercoaster - how do you sustain this new healthy habit for 21 days, and add more into your life?

I have a simple solution for you, which is a three-step process called TAG: Trigger, Action, and Gratification.

Trigger -

Is as simple as leaving healthy cues out in sight (and hiding away the unhealthy ones), to initiate a healthy action.

For example, leave a small pack of mixed nuts within arm’s reach, and get rid of the cookies and potato chips; Leave out your gym bag deliberately in the way at the door, so you have to confront it every time you get in and out…

Action -

Just do it! No overthinking or procrastinating about it. Be present, and take action.

When the veggie salad pack is out on the kitchen counter and no other junky food in the fridge, then a healthy dinner it is! When the gym bag is at the door, pick it up and head to the gym… Just. Do. It.

Gratification -

Is to take a moment to acknowledge and reward your progress after your positive, healthy action. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation.

Take a pause to register in your head how tasty it was after a freshly prepared whole food meal; Savor the satisfying, joyful feeling (the endorphin effect, even with a bit of muscle pain) after a good sweat at a kick-ass gym class…

Trigger, action, gratification - TAG. Then repeat, day by day, week by week, for the next at least 21 days. It’s that simple until a healthy habit can be put on autopilot as part of your daily routine, without having to procrastinate or agonize in your head.

sho energy+ b vitamins matcha energy booster brain performance

5. Click Your Way to Better Health.

Among all the tools at our disposal to improve our health and lifestyle, nutritional supplementation plays an important role, yet many of us don’t have the patience if it is not an intuitive, easy process to fit into our daily routine.

I am one of those who can’t swallow large pills and don’t remember to take supplements every day no matter how much I tried... Turned out I am not alone. Research shows that 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing big pills, and about half of people admit they don’t adhere to the dosing instructions to finish the course and experience the health benefits.

With sho, no more hard to swallow pills, and no more forgetting to take your supplements. sho supplements are pearl-like, easy-to-swallow vegan Spheri-Gels™ with clinically effective doses of premium ingredients, clicked into your hand from our sleek, portable, daily-tracking dispenser.

  1. sho ENERGY+ contains B Vitamins and Matcha with lose dose caffeine to boost energy metabolism and cognitive performances with calm focus, for your work and workout. 
  2. sho BALANCE features 100 billion CFU vegan probiotics L. Casei K-1 and prebiotics premium blend that promote colon health, regularity, clearer skin, and immunity.

sho balance vegan probiotics easy to take and remember click dispenser

Here is how TAG is applied to sho’s design:

  • Trigger: sho’s portable daily tracking dispenser is so modern and sleek that it is perfect for “sho”-ing off front and center in your life, whether on the kitchen counter, office desk, or on the go. When in sight, it is on your mind.

  • Action: just click the dispenser and take the easy to swallow Spheri-Gels, anytime, anywhere. Turn the daily-tracking dial from today to tomorrow. The next day, repeat. Taking supplements has never been so fun and easy.

  • Gratification: every day after you click, swallow, and turn the dial, you feel a sense of compliance and accomplishment; and taking these high-quality functional supplements on a regular basis will help you truly experience their long term health benefits, the ultimate rewards for your health.

So here you go, 5 tips to incorporate healthy habits into your busy life. Let me know how you get along with trying any or all of the tips, and how you make clicking sho supplements part of your daily routine. May you crush your goals and live every day in simple, healthy, organized – sho style!

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