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7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips from 7 Fitness & Nutrition Experts that You Don't Want to Miss!

Do you ever want to be healthier but struggle to find the way? Crave something good and nutritious but need a recipe? Want to exercise but feel unsure and may even be nervous about where to start? 

If your answer is yes, you are not alone.  Being healthy can initially seem challenging, but all it takes is a first step in the right direction.

So, take that step. We are here to support you with 7 tips to lead a healthy lifestyle from 7 fitness and nutrition leaders who inspire us and who are living a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle. 

1. Fitness is a Journey, not a Destination: "Gamify" Exercise. 

by Jon Hipp of HIPPNATION, a Healthy Lifestyle Designer, international model, Ironman Triathlete, and Crossfit Trainer.  

Jon believes that “fitness isn't the summit of a mountain you have to climb. It's a journey, not a destination; a lifestyle, not an event.” Jon sees being healthy as “eating and moving with a conscious attitude about how my body reacts to movement and what I put in my body.
Good health means being able to perform optimally in sport but also life in general!” And that means that healthy living is a way of being: “Being healthy has to be a lifestyle! If it's a chore or something you dread it won't be sustainable. So learn to love experimentation, think outside the box and always be learning about new and fun ways to stay fit and do what works for your body!”
Coming from a fitness-oriented family, Jon grew up with a mindset that even when you fall back a few steps, just keep pressing on. This outlook is still embodied by his father, who just won the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” in the CrossFit Games in the Masters 60+ age group—for the 3rd year in a row—which is why Jon knows “there is no age limit to being in the best shape of your life”!

One of Jon’s tips is to try to “‘gamify’ being healthy so it is fun--like a healthy food and fitness adventure” and to keep learning.

That’s what draws him to sho Nutrition:

“I love the acronym and all it represents [and] I appreciate sho's consideration of 'lifestyle' health because if it's not a lifestyle you're not gonna stick to it. We can do better for our health if it is simple, healthy, organized.”

Practicing what he preaches, Jon has used sho Balance vegan probiotics for the past two years and praises its 100 billion CFU count, which he recognizes is higher than most others on the market and “is definitely needed to keep your army of healthy gut bacteria strong in this world that’s becoming increasingly toxic.” 

And that’s why he integrates his health and fitness principles into his daily routines: “one of my primary core values is integrity and to me, that means whatever I do or become involved with has to sync up with my lifestyle.” Drawing on the holistic health practices that he follows, he is “passionate about guiding and inspiring people to discover their fittest life!" and does so with HIPPNATION. Reach him @JonHipp

2. Prioritize Your Own Well-Being 

by Allie of LunaVida, a San Diego based life and style blogger.

Having been vegetarian for more than 14 years before going vegan in January 2017, the shift to plant-based made Allie "much more aware of what I put into my body" and has encouraged her to "prioritize exercising and making it a more consistent part of my weekly schedule." 

Seeing health holistically as encompassing "mind, body, and spirit," Allie shares her tips for being healthy: "eating a plant-based diet has been the single best thing I've ever done for my health. Also, I recommend trying to find a workout you actually find fun. For me, that means getting to a group fitness class - anything from Pilates to yoga to Zumba - as long as it keeps me entertained!".

She also encourages taking a risk: "making friends as an adult isn't always the easiest but the more we put ourselves out there -- think of those group exercise classes, volunteering for a cause close to your heart, taking a cooking class, etc -- the more likely we are to meet new people who get us." Because that support is vital to making healthy habits become routine - and a way of living, rather than a short-term diet or fad. 

That's why sho's dispenser is designed to complement the daily habit of taking it. The daily-dial tracker, says Allie, "has been so helpful!" because, as she puts it:

"I can be so forgetful, especially when it comes to whether or not I remembered to take my daily supplements. By turning the dial to the given day, sho's unique tracking reminder helps me remember."

But what does Allie like the most? She answers, "the fact that Sho is a proudly vegan vitamin and supplement brand is my favorite aspect of Sho! I love to support companies which align with the mission of LunaVida."

And her "#1 piece of advice is always this: GO VEGAN. It's good for your health, the environment, and the welfare of the billions of animals killed every year for human consumption. It is the single best thing we can do to save our planet's future." Reach her at @alliegee319

3. Set a Schedule with Goals for the Week 

by Katie Faison of Whole Lovely Life, a designer, blogger, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.

Despite being diagnosed and told there was no cure, Katie credits her healthy lifestyle for her remission from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Chronic Iritis.

Though she's battled both for close to 10 years, she says, "I listened to my intuition the entire time and have questioned everything while searching for knowledge about holistic and natural healing." She adds that her experience makes her want to help others, which is why she started Whole Lovely Life

 Asked what healthy means to her, Katie shares that it "used to mean having no health issues or doctor visits," yet adds that from "my years of healing and gaining of knowledge, health now means something totally different. My focus on just food and exercise has shifted to a focus on my mind, stress levels, thoughts, beliefs, spirituality, and relationships. All of these things must be just as clean as your diet for total health, balance and well being."

Also motivated to develop tasty yet healthy recipes for her husband and young son, Katie often includes her son in the cooking and working out she does at home: "I feel the more you can incorporate healthy practices into your home and make every day a day for learning, the more prepared they will be when it comes time for them to make their own decisions about food and healthy choices."

Those healthy choices build upon each other and become routine. Katie recommends planning out the week: Even if I don’t write it down just thinking through the week ahead and what I want to accomplish leads to greater success."

That includes readying workout clothes and setting out her water bottle, chopping veggies in advance for weeknight meals, and anything that makes it easier on you. Because healthy living is about building in healthy habits that become second nature. And that's why sho is an easy one. Katie says:

"what I love most about sho is how simple it is to take. Not only is it simple (I hate too many choices) but the fact that it has a built-in tracker is genius. There is no way you can forget to take your supplements. Pill size has never been bothersome for me but I know it’s a concern for many so I love that the size is small and easy to swallow. There is also no stinky smell or taste which sometimes comes along with supplements."

And she acknowledges, "I believe getting minerals and nutrients from food sources first, but in a world where our food is not always as it was intended, supplements can play an important role in ensuring you are getting what you need to keep the body healthy." 

sho nutrition vegan vitamins and supplements
The important thing with supplements is to check the ingredients and to avoid artificial or chemical additives and fillers. As someone who tries to avoid toxins and seeks natural-based products, Katie recognizes this value: "I like that sho is simple and made of high-quality ingredients. I feel a probiotics supplement should round out being healthy so I personally take sho Balance every day. On days when I need a second coffee, I take sho Energy instead. Not every day just when I know I have a crazy day ahead or need a little extra energy."

And she adds, it's "not just about what you eat or how you move your body. Total wellness includes a healthy mind. How you view life and the world around you can have a profound impact on your overall health. The more positive your outlook, the more positive your health will be affected and vice versa."  Reach her @wholelovelylife

4. Embrace Balance 

by Christa Alexis, a food and nutrition blogger, creator of

Christa sees “healthy as a state of mind” and believes that “appreciation and attitude towards life are two significant factors towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle”.       

She prioritizes eating whole foods and practicing gratitude “to help you balance your mind, body, and soul” and frequently shares recipes and tips about healthy eating. Christa encourages setting goals “for yourself whether they are small or large and work towards them everyday” because “you have to build and practice discipline”. Maintaining this daily awareness also allows the freedom to pick indulgences.

She also points out that the key is creating the habit, which is what she finds in sho: “Some days it’s hard for me to get motivated to go to the gym but afterwards I feel great! Sho helps me to get the essential vitamins without all the extra additives and unnatural filers found in most regular supplements. It helps me to stay balanced.” 

And balance is one of Christa’s priorities. Eat healthily; allow the pleasure of chocolate. Keep routines and build on them; yet also, try new things. Accept that some days we feel more motivated than others; stay positive and look for the blessing.

This perspective is part of what draws her to sho Nutrition: easy to use but good for you. A daily habit and a lifestyle mentality. Regarding sho, Christa says,

"I love how SHO has a twist at the bottom so you can keep track of each day and turn it when you take the supplement that day. They’re small and easy to swallow without a bad aftertaste. I was so happy to learn about a vegan supplement that has multiple health benefits.” 

Living in NYC, Christa appreciates that sho is easy to bring along and helps her stay energized throughout her busy days. Overall, taking sho makes her feel “like my foods are easier to process, my energy is higher, and I can maintain my balance.” Reach her @ChristaAlexis

5. Find Support in Community and Keep Going 

by Thomas Colella, an ABA therapist and rising triathlete with a habit of pursuing excellence and motivating others in the process.

Tom's lifestyle “is all about health and making myself better each and everyday. Always pushing for more and greatness.” Tom advocates eating well and likens the body to a car: high level performance requires quality fuel and care. The same is true with healthy eating and daily movement. As he challenges himself to “push a little harder and go farther each time,” he also encourages you to go for it:

“Be prepared and be consistent. Just know everyday is not gonna be the best day [but] any workout is better than no workout at all. Make a weekly workout routine so you aren’t scrambling to figure out what you wanna do. Stick with the plan and schedule cheat meals if you wanna treat yourself. Do a little bit at a time and don’t push so hard you are too sore to get back out there. Surround yourself with positive people and a community that has the same goals as you, and don’t try to do it alone; ask questions and never give up!”

For Tom, that’s why “I use sho Energy B vitamins & Matcha right before my workout - to give me that little extra boost to go a little further and faster. Using sho Energy lets me get the most out of my workout and picks me up on days I may be a little more tired."

This commitment to routine is why he loves sho Nutrition: “what stands out about sho is how easy and convenient the product is to use.” Appreciating the small but potent SpheriGel design and natural ingredients, Tom talks about the benefit of not getting “a crazy crash after your workout” but instead just “nice and clean energy. Just enough to give you the edge but not too much that an hour later you are crashing or getting the shakes.” 

Tom welcomes questions about sho and about training or working out. Reach him @Tcolella19

6. Help Others 

by Tonya Russell, a marketing manager for a health and wellness center and the fitness blogger behind A Journey to Fit.

Tonya's passion projects include her fitness blog A Journey to Fit and the Philadelphia based charity she started for women and children. 

Sharing about her history of disordered eating, and acknowledging the challenges she's overcome, she sees healthy as being balanced. Eat well and work out, she says, but also "sprinkle in indulgences and rest days." 

sho balance vegan probiotics gut health Especially as someone who's often also running races and cross-training, Tonya uses sho to keep in gear: "I take sho Balance vegan probiotics daily, and with pushing my body to the limit through exercise and constantly traveling, these supplements keep my digestive system straight." Reach her @_ajourneytofit_


7. Practice Gratitude 

by Lia Belardo, the Minimalist Triathlete of Philadelphia who raced her first Ironman Triathlon in 2016.

Lia Belardo is an ethical vegan, health & wellness enthusiast, and long course triathlete who lives in Philly. Lia says,

"I believe the healthiest thing about my lifestyle is the gratitude I have. I try to focus on being thankful for each door that opens and even each one that closes. I focus on my goals, but also remind myself not to stress over obstacles in the way. And I try my best to be mindful and appreciative of the little moments that make up my day."                                             

An advocate of meditation, she adds, “I also believe that prioritizing self care and having a positive mental attitude are also really important aspects of overall health.”

As an endurance athlete, Lia is conscious of the nutrition requirements on her body, which demands considerable training. “When you’re out there pushing yourself for hours each day,” Lia acknowledges, “your body will tell you if you need help, so I usually am on top of all my supplements and probiotics.”

For Lia, what stands out about sho Nutrition is the “quality and ingredients. The science behind SHO is impressive. The thought and care they put into everything from packaging to globally trusted suppliers is premium and it shows. I do applaud this company for going above and beyond to have made a product suitable for vegans and even for the many people I know who are gluten intolerant" because sho Nutrition products are gluten-free.

And also for people like herself who suffer from environmental allergies, which can make outdoor training challenging, yet she adds: “the probiotics help with [allergies] tremendously! I have seen my breathing improve, and my allergic reactions become less severe. I still take an allergy pill, but I am now able to ride my bike around and not have to live in fear of someone mowing their lawn!” 

And that ability to be out and active fits in with lifestyle, with “being more focused on experiences and less focused on ‘stuff.’ You don’t need a ton of different supplements just like you don’t need 10,000 items in your closet --- Decision fatigue is real! Minimizing what you can, and choosing the most effective solutions in advance, does a lot to keep things running smoothly”. Further, she finds,

"when I take my daily supplements, like sho, in the morning, it’s a gentle reminder to care for myself all day, which is always a nice feeling to have. The daily tracker also helps me to reflect on my days and weeks, it incorporates a mindfulness aspect that I can use as a reminder to stop, prioritize my own health and well being, and also be thankful for the day ahead.”

For Lia, being thankful means not taking any day or even health for granted. Speaking of her 6 year old niece who is currently battling leukemia, she says, "before Riley’s diagnosis I never really paid attention to the need for whole blood and platelet donations.

As Riley fights her cancer, and she preservers through her chemo, and as she tries to understand and cope with what is happening to her body, she relies heavily on blood and platelet donations." Lia now also uses her platform to encourage people who are able to donate blood to please do so: "It’s a small part of your day once in a while, and I have seen first hand how these donations are saving lives, especially hers." Reach Lia @minimalisttriathlete

What Will Your Simple, Healthy, Organized - sho Lifestyle Look Like? Make It What You Want it to Be.

All of these lifestyle influencers live in different places and have different jobs and lives.  What they have in common is their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. And that includes pushing through hurdles, staying positive, and looking for the good.

They are all glad to share their experiences to help others and would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

We at sho Nutrition are trying to make nutritional supplementation a simple healthy habit, by providing easy-to-swallow, highly-concentrated vegan vitamins and supplements in a portable, daily-tracking dispenser. As you walk your own health journey, be sure to take advantage of our August 2018 Summer "Buy One, Get One" Sale to make sho part of your simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle!

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