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For South Jersey race, Team sho Nutrition shares a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle!

Race day for the Scott Coffee Rotary Moorestown 8k dawned hot and humid, but Team sho Nutrition was up for the challenge!

Comprised of 14 runners from local running groups, Team sho was there to "sho" off their bright team shirts showcasing sho Nutrition's premium supplements, sho Energy and sho Balance, and to run the 5.1 mile course through the streets of 300-year old Moorestown, New Jersey.

sho Nutrition thanks the many runners who joined Team sho Nutrition and is excited to share in their health journeys! Because like any journey, healthy living starts with a first step, repeated until becoming habit.  


Nurture doing what you love with daily SHO 

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.
- Shaquille O'Neal

I wasn't always a runner, and though some of those running with sho ran competitively in college, many people on the team are also relatively new to the sport.  

But like everyone on the team, I became one - and caught the running bug.

What I've found is that running is indescribably freeing, and running always offers new challenges and opportunities. 

How does sho fit your active lifestyle? By choosing sho Nutrition for better energy and better gut health 

One of the things that I've experienced as a runner, that I didn't expect, is the way that a love of running influences lifestyle: because for me, running drives me to healthy choices.  Unlike adhering to a diet structured in restriction, as a runner, I'm guided in creating a healthy lifestyle by how I feel. 

I feel it when I'm not well enough hydrated compared to when I am.  I feel it when I've eaten sufficient protein and complex carbs in advance of a run. (For my first half marathon, I was more fixated on the night or so before the 13.1 mile run.  For my second, I spent the entire week plus ahead of the race intentionally setting and meeting nutrient and water intake goals - and the noticeable difference continues to carry me forward). 

In a world surrounded by exceptionally specific and limiting notions of what we all should eat or from what we should abstain, allowing myself to learn from the feeling of being in motion on a run significantly impacts my understandings of the nutrients I need, as well as the foods I don't. 

With sho Nutrition, I'm motivated by the extensive research behind ingredient selection and by the holistic health benefits. 

sho Energy packs a powerful combo of essential B vitamins and antioxidant rich green tea in the form of refined and condensed matcha  (I've written before about how my coffee intake has gone down since incorporating sho Energy+ into my morning regimen.

sho Balance, with the good bacteria in the probiotics strain of Lactobacillus Casei K-1, supports digestive and colon health as well as overall immunity (the prebiotic and good fat oils in sho Balance also increase gastrointestinal tract functioning.  Check back to learn more about these individual, powerhouse ingredients in upcoming posts!

Grow by taking a risk - and find your community

Back to Team sho Nutrition. I'm amazed by everyone who decides to run a race and who, running or walking, gets to the finish line.  It's an incredible testament to the unique running phenomenon of an individualized sport that is simultaneously united by the mentality of team sportsmanship. 

I owe where I'm at as a runner and in my life to the friends who literally walked with me until I could run.  And if you're curious as to what that might look like for you, send me a message at  I'll be glad to hear from you!

So, if you're wondering, what will Team sho do now, then be sure to check us out next for our summer-ready Pub Runs - with Fleet Feet of Marlton and sho Nutrition!

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