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Fun reactions to a new kind of vitamins and supplements - sho Nutrition

Posted: September 11 2017 in Why is sho Brilliant?

"It's gonna give you energy but keep your mind calm?" "Fermented rice for probiotics?!" "Vegan?! Even better."... Check out people's fun reactions when they see sho supplements in a daily tracking dispenser for the first time!

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Lactobacillus Casei K-1: How Does This Probiotics in sho BALANCE Regulate Your Digestion?

Posted: July 03 2017 in Why is sho Brilliant?

Proven to relieve constipation and promote gut health, sho BALANCE contains vegan, gluten free probiotics of Lactobacillus Casei K-1 derived from fermented rice. Here are commonly asked questions about the science and research behind the probiotics. More

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Supplements are NOT Created Equal - Behind The Scene Snapshots of sho Nutrition's Creation!

Posted: January 05 2017 in Why is sho Brilliant?

All supplements are NOT created equal, and this is why we went to great lengths to source the best quality nutrition for ourselves, families and friends. Our partner company operates the most cutting-edge, pharmaceutical-grade GMP facilities that are US FDA registered, and HACCP, OJAS (Organic Japan Agriculture Standard) certified. More

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Let it “B” – How Do B Vitamins Affect Your Energy, Brain, and Mood?

Posted: December 16 2016 in Why is sho Brilliant?

Many studies have shown that taking vitamin B supplements on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time helps improve energy, vitality, metabolism, cognitive performance, and emotional mood state.That’s why we formulated sho ENERGY+ with clinically effective doses of B vitamins plus Matcha to boost your physical, mental and emotional energies. More

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sho ENERGY+ is helping me in a stressful time both physically and mentally

Posted: December 05 2016 in Why is sho Brilliant?

FRANCESCA BERSELLINI, a multi-facet, talented and beautiful Italian blogger in health / beauty / fashion shares her experience with sho Energy+ and how it helps maintain her energy level physically and mentally while she was under the weather yet still needs to perform at her best. More

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