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Do millennials need to worry about colon cancer risk?

Posted: March 07 2017 in Nutrition and Health

A report of "colon cancer risk could be rising for people under 50" caught lots of people's attentions especially during the National Nutrition Month in March. These are the four areas that can help maintain gut health and prevent colon illnesses. More

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The Truth About Probiotics And Weight Loss

Posted: February 09 2017 in Nutrition and Health

Not satisfied with weight loss results? In addition to physical exercises and diet modifications, there is a new trend and buzz word that you might be surprised to hear: probiotics. Find out more so that you can make informed decisions.  More

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How to Use Vitamin B for Anxiety Attacks & Stress?

Posted: January 26 2017 in Nutrition and Health

Are you one of those who struggles with anxiety or lives with intense stress? Among many ways to manage these dreadful challenges, a lesser-known factor that plays an important part is related to the Vitamin B levels in the body. More

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The Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Posted: January 19 2017 in Nutrition and Health

More and more research has shown that probiotics play many important roles for our health not only in promoting digestive health which we are most familiar with, but also in other functional health areas, especially for women. More

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Secrets to Building Stronger and Healthier Bones and Heart

Posted: October 11 2016 in Nutrition and Health

Energy and vitality are all about moving. Walk, run, dance, bike, yoga… whatever physical activities that you enjoy doing, you know what it feels like and how important it is to have a solid foundation of bones, joints, and muscles, supported by a vibrant cardiovascular system of heart, arteries, and blood circulation. Until just a few years ago, the no-frills formula for health-conscious men and women who take actions to improve their health against wear and tear from an active lifestyle was to consume a daily calcium supplement and a low dose of aspirin. More

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