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Your Best Energy Boost: B Vitamins, Matcha & Natural Caffeine

Posted: October 21 2019 in Energy Boost

Quit reaching for sugar-loaded drinks or more coffee. When you need a boost to start your day or beat the slump, turn to the better boost from sho Energy+!

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How to Use Vitamin B to Relieve Anxiety Attacks & Stress

Posted: July 15 2019 in Energy Boost

Do you struggle with anxiety or intense stress? Among many ways to manage these symptoms, a lesser-known factor that plays an important part is related to the Vitamin B levels in the body. Dietary deficiencies can trigger anxiety and depression, which is why shoEnergy combines B vitamins and matcha to lessen these symptoms, increase energy, and lift mood.  

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What Does a Youtube Influencer Have to Say about sho Energy+ Vegan Vitamins?

Posted: February 22 2019 in Energy Boost

Looking for advice to beat the afternoon slump with a quick pick-me-off (hint: instead of coffee)? Watch what this Youtube influencer reveals about his energy boost secret:

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B Vitamins 101: What You Need to Know for Better Health [Infographic]

Posted: February 01 2019 in Energy Boost

What does Vitamin B  do? Learn more about the benefits of essential B vitamins and why it's important to get your daily intake, which is made easy with shoEnergy+.

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A Fireside Chat with Real Moms About Kids, Healthy Snacks, and Energy

Posted: December 13 2018 in Energy Boost

These two busy moms know it can be hard for parents and kids to eat healthily, so they're having a fireside chat about ways to encourage healthy eating habits and to fillers, preservatives, and chemicals from the family food choices.  And as moms lean on and support each other, these moms talk about how they stay energized, too!

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