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How a 5-in-1 Vegan Probiotics Helps improve Gut Health, Immunity, and Skin Beauty.

Beauty is no more "skin" deep, is it. We have become more aware that our skin health is probably more linked with our body's internal health and balance, particularly our gut health, than the topical skincare products that we use.

How can a small softgel containing 5-in-1 superfood ingredients featuring 100 billion CFU vegan probiotics help with your digestive balance, immunity, and skin health? Click below to watch Youtube beauty Influencer, C's Beauty Blog:


According to CJ:

If you're not familiar sho Nutrition: s, h, o, stands for simple, healthy, and organized. The basic goal of streamlining nutritionals is not only to provide a premium vegan supplements in an easy to track and easy to dispense method, but they also want to help streamline the way that we take supplement.

sho Nutrition has found that 68% of Americans do take daily vitamins and supplements, they also found that 40% of these Americans find that most pills are hard to swallow, because of the sheer size. How many of you can go to your medicine cabinet right now, and find those giant horse pills that are nearly impossible to swallow? I can tell you right now that I have thrown up in the sink many time trying to take some of these pills. They've also found that 50% of Americans have a really hard time sticking with their daily supplement routine.

sho nutrition big pill hard to swallow

So sho Nutrition found a way of combining really great ingredients into some super effective formulas, so the product I'm  going to be sharing with you guys today, is the sho Balance. It's a digestive and immune health probiotic, and this has a whopping 100 billion CFU, so that's quite a bit more than you find in a conventional probiotic. I know it's definitely the highest one that I've ever taken, and I really really love it.

sho Nutrition came up with it a really cool way to not only dispense their supplements, but also to remember to take them. When you get your box that there's a container with your supplement, and then there's another baggie that has this little guy, so this super handy little thing has a daily tracker on it, so as you can see around the ring, it has all the days of the week, so the theory is that as you take this, you twist your day you know a day you're on, and you remember to take your supplement.

sho nutrition patented daily tracking dispenser

Super easy to put together. All you have to do is take the lid off of this little guy, put your tracker dispenser together, and voila, you have your easy to dispense system, so all you have to get these supplements out, is go to your day squeeze these two together, one, two, there's your supplements for the day.

You take two of these vegan probiotics, and as you can see, these are tiny, so not only have they streamlined the way that you get the supplement, and not only have they helped us to remember our supplements, but they've created these incredible super potent microspheres that are tiny. Here's my fingernail, here's a little supplement. If you can't take that, then I don't know what you can take.

sho balance 5 in 1 vegan probiotics

This is an incredible 5-in-1 formula. Not only does this have 100 million is CFUs of the vegan probiotic, this also contains spirulina, prebiotic FOS, lactobacillus casei k-1, flaxseed oil, and olive oil, so I really love this formula, because it gives me five things in one, obviously not only am I getting my probiotic and my prebiotic, but you're getting a detoxifying green in your spirulina.

And myself I'm deficient in omega-3s, so get the additional flaxseed oil and olive oil which is really really great for the moisture retention in your skin, so this formula is not only gonna help with gut health and immune health, this is also going to help with skin health, so if you're looking for an all-in-one supplement this may be the one that you're looking for.

So they found that by including the lactobacillus casei k-1, not only did it help with our regularity in reducing constipation, but they also found that it helped to reduce cancer-causing carcinogen levels in our bodies to a normal level, so this is a pretty powerful little guy, and they have it at an incredibly high level.

sho balance vegan probiotics skin health beauty

And also on top of that, this incredible lactobacillus casei k-1 also helps to prevent certain skin conditions including acne symptoms, and transdermal water loss. Of course with the inclusion of flaxseed oil and olive oil, your transdermal water loss should go down significantly. Of course the more you use the supplement, the better it is for your skin.

This is a 30-day supply, and as you can see, you take two of these. Super easy to take, I actually don't even need water when I take them. Just pop them in and swallow, easy as that.

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