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Simple, Healthy, Organized

How Does This Busy Single Mom Juggle a Full Time Job and Stay Fit, Healthy & Beautiful?

Cassie is the girl behind the blog, Simply Classy, who writes about life, fashion, beauty and everything in between. As a busy single mother who has a full-time job, Cassie shares her #shoWisdom to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle, and how sho Balance helps keep her gut health in check. More

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What Keeps a Busy Ballerina / Actress / Fitness & Fashion Model Healthy?

Eve Dawes, an accomplished ballerina, SAG-AFTRA actress, WBFF Pro Bikini and fashion model, a real fitness and wellness professional, shares with us her health routines including one secret to live a simple, healthy, organized - sho lifestyle. More

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21 Healthy Habits Tip #21: Do a Good Deed, Today.

21 Healthy Habits Tip #21: Do a Good Deed, Today. Notice how good it makes you feel to do good things for others. And you’ll also notice how much impact you can have on brightening someone else’s day too! More

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How to Deal with Obstacles When Starting Up a New Venture

Welcome to our Blog page, shoTheWorld, where we share our stories and tips from around the world that make our lives simpler, healthier, and more organized - that’s what sho is about. In this first post, from my own experience of working hard to bring a brand new idea to the world, I want to share some perspectives and practical tools that hopefully can help entrepreneurs or any high / low achievers to overcome obstacles in work and life. More

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When Life Is Hectic, Being Prepared Is Everything.

At sho Nutrition, we are all about living a simple, healthy, organized – sho lifestyle, and we decided to speak with healthy lifestyle role models in the US and around the world to gather #shoWisdom that could help all of us to do more, feel better and be happier. Today we spoke with Ben Goodall, a Londoner who has a full-time job as a Bank Manager but is also busy with bodybuilding training to compete in the UKUP (UK Ultimate Physiques) next year. More

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Not Happy With The "Horse" Pill… I Got Myself Into The "shoBiz".

Not happy with the "horse pills" and hard to remember to take them, I decided to conquer the “compliance” and “user experience” challenges in the vitamin and supplement industry. After trials and errors, I am finally proud to "sho" to the world the highest quality nutrition in petite Spheri-Gels that are packed in a one click dispenser with a daily tracker, making taking supplements a simple healthy daily habit.  More

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