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Not Happy With The "Horse" Pill… I Got Myself Into The "shoBiz".

Born out of my own experience of being a healthy eater and a frequent supplement user (for myself and gifting to family and friends), I struggled with swallowing large, coarse vitamin pills and remembering to take them daily. I always wondered why they were not made nicer or easier for the users. With my extensive experience with pharma OTC and nutrition, I decided to conquer the “compliance” and “user experience” challenges in the pill industry.

It turned out to be a long road with plenty of trial and error and delay after delay… After experiencing literally the blood, sweat and tears typical for any entrepreneur, I am now finally able to “sho” the world what I had in mind. sho™ means simple, healthy, organized - a premium quality supplement line that is easy to swallow, easy to access, and super fun and cool to “sho” off anywhere you go, so you can remember to take it daily as a healthy habit.

sho Nutrition Spheri-Gels easy to swallow

It is not just another vitamin and supplement “pill” under a different brand name. I have put all my heart and soul into creating my own “mini” global R&D and supply chain as a bootstrapping entrepreneur. I found the best quality and most potent sphere gel supplements (Spheri-Gels™) in Japan; our patent pending invention, the portable, daily tracking dispenser is supplied at an affordable cost; last but not least, the final packaging is done at a state-of-the-art GMP facility in the hub of pharma land New Jersey. Every element of sho Nutrition meets the highest standards of the most discerning consumer who wants it all: quality, convenience, aesthetics, and nothing but clean, effective and traceable ingredients. I have seamlessly worked across the US, Japan and China to deliver the best of all worlds with the quest of creating better nutrition. 

Today, I am so happy that sho is finally in business – the “shoBiz”, with two vegetarian formulas: shoEnergy+ and shoBalance! I am beyond thankful to our sho team members, top notch vendors who are of global caliber that gave sho a chance as a no-name start-up vs. their much larger customers, and to every sho believer who has inspired me, encouraged me and provided valuable positive and negative feedback until sho was brought to the market.

Check out what sho Nutrition is about, send me a comment, and let me know if you would like to try sho! You have to click it to believe it. :)

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