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21 Healthy Habits Tip #16: Not Pooing Often? Here's a Simple Twist!

Let’s talk about a topic that some people find embarrassing… bowel movements. Now it’s not a pretty topic but it’s oh so important to go #2 at least once every single day. At this point you might be surprised, since many people think that going to the bathroom a couple of times a week (or less!) is normal - but it’s not normal and it’s not healthy!

When you poo, this is how your body gets rid of toxins and all the stuff that it doesn’t need. It also helps with weight loss and even keeps your skin glowing! So keep in mind that when you’r not going #2 every day, the opposite happens - your body holds onto toxins and even re-absorbs them. This results in low energy, weight gain, bloating, and a general feeling of blah. 

There’s a simple trick that you can do to get things moving in your digestive tract:

Health Tip #16 - Twist It Up!

Twisting your torso helps to wring out your digestive organs and stimulate your bowel movements. That’s why twisting is known to help your body detox too. It’s really simple - any movement you do that twists your torso will do the job. 

Here are some moves to try:

  • Lay down on your back, pull your knees into your chest and twist your legs over to the right, then repeat to the left.
  • Sit up straight in a chair, then turn to look over your right shoulder keeping your hips straight. Twist your shoulders around as far as you can, and feel your body wringing itself out. 

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