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21 Healthy Habits Tip #17: Plan Healthy Dates!

Have you been in this situation? You’ve started dating someone great and before you know it you’re skipping the gym to cuddle on the couch watching Netflix... Ordering pizza and drinking a bottle or two of wine becomes a regular thing. Suddenly you realize that you’ve put on 10lbs, your energy levels aren’t where they used to be, and you miss being active!

Want healthy Valentine's Day ideas? Here are some simple solutions to incorporate more health into your relationship – so that you can save those indulgent nights for less often when you’ll truly enjoy them – and make health a priority in your relationship!

Tip #17 – plan healthy dates with your significant other!

The key here is to find fun things to do that don’t involve eating and drinking (this can be tough to think of sometimes!) Try to do an activity together before going for dinner or happy hour, and notice how much healthier you feel!

Here are some fun ideas to try: go for a hike together, play mini golf, go bowling, take a dance lesson (tango anyone?!), hit the gym together, take a yoga class… the possibilities are endless!

If this seems like too much to think about, start small: go for a walk together before dinner or before settling on to the couch. Do jumping jacks or pushups together during the tv commercials. Just make sure that you’re doing SOMETHING active together!

Chances are that once you start having fun doing healthy activities together, you’ll want to do even more healthy things together and your relationship will even get stronger! So start now – choose at least one activity that you’ll try today – and just do it, together! As they say, there's no time like the present.

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