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21 Healthy Habits Tip #18: 5 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth? Many people crave sugar - it can be tough to resist those gourmet cupcakes or the candy bowl on your coworker’s desk. What about that after dinner dessert or the sweet pastry with your morning coffee? Sugar is all around us, and it can be tough to resist! 

Tip #18 - 5 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings 

When you crave sugar, it usually signifies an imbalance in your body - it might be that your blood sugar level is out of balance, or it could mean that your brain is wired to crave sugar – sugar addiction is real! When your sugar craving strikes and you give in to eat that sweet treat, it causes your blood sugar to spike up and then quickly fall low again, and this roller coaster sets you up for more and more intense sugar cravings and a vicious spiral of health.

Here are 5 simple ways to beat sugar that you can start from today!

  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural, real foods rather than processed ones. For example, real blueberries and apples beat blueberry muffins and apple pies any time and day.
  2. Have small and frequent meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day, and avoid the feeling of hunger. Fill yourself up with low glycemic types of foods such as quality protein, oatmeal, nuts, and vegetables.
  3. Drink plenty of water – it not only keeps you hydrated, but also keeps you full and your metabolism active. Check out our simple health tip of 3 fun ways to drink more water
  4. Take a walk - as simple as taking a quick walk around the office will get your body energized, take your mind of sugar, and burn more calories rather than consuming more calories!

gut bacteria

  1. Balance your gut flora. Your sugar craving may also be a signal of imbalance in your gut flora - when the bad bacteria overwhelm the good bacteria, this is when the cravings start, because the bad bacteria live on sugar! There are some easy ways to get your gut flora back into balance and get rid of those cravings - you'll want to eat fermented foods that are rich in probiotics, like kefir, kombucha, miso, sauerkraut, and kimchee. You can also take a vegan probiotic supplement like sho BALANCE to help boost the number of good bacteria and balance out the bad guys. What's special about sho BALANCE is that its vegan probiotics blend is free from any hidden sweeteners, calories or artificial additives, a great addition as your daily health routine on your journey to reduce sugar and live healthier.

sho balance vegan probiotics

Try any of these tips today - when a sweet craving strikes, snack on some real fruits and vegetables, go for a quick walk, drink lots of water, start taking probiotics such as sho Balance… and see how your sugar cravings disappear - it is totally doable to wean yourself off sugar and get your body back into balance! Now is the time to act and beat your sugar cravings!

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