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21 Healthy Habits Tip #19: Instant energizers you can do NOW!

We’ve all been there, the mid-afternoon energy drop… or maybe you just wake up feeling tired and it’s a struggle to get through the day. Either way, having low energy is no joke - it cuts into the quality of your life and prevents you from doing all the healthy fun things that you want to do!  

Here are 3 simple hacks that will energize you anytime, anywhere. You can easily harness the power of movement, stillness, and nutrition, to instantly and sustainably create more energy!  

Tip #19: 3 Hacks to Instantly Energize You. 

1st - Move:

As simple as get up and jump! That’s right - jump up and down, jumping jacks, throw your arms around and twist your body any way you like - shake your body and make dance moves as if no one was watching! Have fun with this and feel like a kid again - and notice how energized you instantly feel!  

What happens when you jump and your feet leave the ground, is an instant shot of energy to your body. When you’re in the air, the effects of gravity are minimized on your system which acts like a mini reset for your body. Your cells are infused with more oxygen as your blood pumps throughout your body - and oxygenated cells provide you with energy. Pretty cool stuff right?! 

2nd - Breathe:

Take a deep breath in to the count of 6. Make sure it’s a long steady breath and really feel your lungs expanding. Then hold the breath for 3 counts, breath out for 3 counts, and hold the breath out for 3 counts. Repeat 2-3 times and notice your energy levels! 

What’s happening here, is that breathing IN brings more oxygen into the body and refreshes the red blood cells. These oxygenated cells can zip around the body delivering oxygen (and energy) everywhere. The result is that you feel energized! Breathing IN is also stimulating to the body, so by breathing IN for longer than you breathe OUT, this is a signal to the body to wake up and have energy! 

3rd - Click sho ENERGY+:  

For an immediate energy boost that is also sustainable without jitters, what's better than clicking sho Energy+ dispenser and swallowing a couple of Spheri-Gels filled with potent B vitamins, Matcha and natural caffeine?

No sugar or artificial additives, the sleek vegan supplement activates your metabolism at the cellular level to gives you a burst of energy while keeping you calm, focused, and clear headed. sho's handy, portable dispenser is easy to keep at home, in the office, or on the go with you anywhere.  

Try any or all of these hacks, - jump, breathe, click, - and notice how you feel before and after - it's pretty incredible that with these simple hacks you can shift your state to feel more energized and be at your best for a better 2017! 

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