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21 healthy Habits Tip #20: Morning Routine When You Didn't Get Enough Sleep.

We all know how great it feels to get a good night’s sleep, and how horrible it is to NOT get a good sleep - you wake up feeling tired, grumpy and overall just blah. No matter how much you try, many people don’t get the recommended 7+ hours of sleep every night, whether you have a busy schedule at work or kids at home that keep you up all hours.

Here’s a simple morning routine that gets you going when you just didn't get enough sleep!  

Healthy Tip #20: 5-Step Morning Routine 

Step 1: Drink warm lemon water to hydrate yourself, detox, and wake up your organs. It works much better than a cup of joe because it keeps your cells hydrated and your body's PH balanced.

Step 2: Turn on and up the volume of your favorite rock music and jump into the shower (your choice of hot or cold). Your favorite song instantly pumps you up and gives you joy; the water splashing on your skin stimulates your nerve system and speeds up blood circulation. 

Step 3: Needless to say, eat something healthy, even if you don't have time for breakfast, such as fruit & veggie smoothie, fried eggs, avocado (do you know even eating avocado alone is delicious?!) Eating healthy food in the morning is like pouring premium gasoline into an empty tank of your car so that it starts running smoothly and beautifully. 

Step 4: It's that simple - click and swallow a couple of sho ENERGY+ Spheri-Gels, and turn the daily-dial on sho's dispenser from today to tomorrow. These small gels give you a big punch of energy boost at the cellular level from B vitamins and Matcha with natural caffeine, and it's so easy to click and go as your daily healthy habit. 

Step 5: Head out, fast walk or jog, and embrace the daylight. Once you start moving, your metabolism expedites and starts to generate more energy; your exposure to daylight and sunshine tells your body and brain that the circadian rhythm needs to kick in. Don't just get in your car and settle down in your office chair - move and say hi to the sun!  

The next time you wake up after not getting enough sleep - follow the above 5-step-routine and notice how you feel instantly more alert and energized! 

It's that simple, no matter how it went the night before, you know how to kick start your every morning refreshed and energized, in 2017! 

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