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What Keeps a Busy Ballerina / Actress / Fitness & Fashion Model Healthy?

In today’s #shoWisdom blog series where we interview healthy lifestyle role models and share tips on having a simple, healthy, organizedsho lifestyle, we spoke with Eve Dawes, an accomplished ballerina, SAG-AFTRA actress, WBFF Pro Bikini and fashion model, a real health and wellness professional, based in Las Vegas, NV. You will be surprised to find her one secret that keeps her on track with a regimented daily health routine. 

Tell us about your lifestyle and what is “healthy” about it.

I consider health and wellness a lifestyle, not a particular diet. I have so many activities every day and it is very important for me to stay healthy not only physically, but also mentally. We should always feel balanced and enjoy life.

Being organized really helps me to get the most out of every day. I travel a lot so I keep a notebook so that I know exactly where to go and what to eat. I always start my day with cardio exercises whether in the gym or outside. I can be flexible with the types of exercise that I do as long as I do something – you’ve got to keep doing it even if you are not at the right place, for example, without a gym close by.

Eve Dawes

What does “healthy” mean to you?

Healthy is about body and mind, not about a certain size or weight. We should enjoy life yet manage our health consciously, and try to avoid chronic diseases which many people are faced with.

What is your typical diet?

I’ve been a ballerina since I was little so I am used to being regimented about what I eat. I always start my day with a balanced breakfast that includes a lean protein. Even when I travel I pack protein powder and oats so that all I need in the morning is hot water. I normally weigh my protein (and for the most part carbohydrates too) when I’m at home, but I’ve got pretty good at eyeballing the amount of food when I’m out so I’m not the crazy lady with the scales! I always ensure there is plenty of protein of about 4-6 servings in a day and eat 5 – 10 servings of vegetables a day – they are so great.

What challenges do you face in eating right or exercising to maintain healthy?

The challenge is in the social setting, for example when my husband and I eat out with friends. There are lots of tradeoffs and it’s about making smart choices.

Eve Dawes

What healthy tips and routines can you share that help you stay healthy and be at your best?

My one tip is actually having a cheat meal in a week – it has worked well for me, because we can enjoy what we love with no guilty feelings. It makes the food special too. If you completely cut out the food that you like from your diet, you are more likely to break into a bad behavior of then bingeing on it and have eater’s remorse.

Food is fuel. It’s more than just enjoyment. You fuel your body with the right nutritious sources of energy, just as you would take care of a car. You wouldn’t just put any gas into your car and expect it to run, right?

What do you think about sho Nutrition?

sho is just so easy. Once you have healthy habits, it’s less difficult to break your routines. As a ballerina growing up, it’s been so ingrained in me to have my daily habits. That’s why I think sho is awesome, so healthy and easy to use every day. 

sho Energy+ and sho Balance supplements

How are you incorporating sho into your daily routine?

I put shoEnerg+ next to my coffee maker and I click it every morning. I like the silver packaging as it looks premium and goes well with my kitchen appliances. I have so many vitamin bottles in my cabinet and I wish there were fewer of them - sho Energy+ replaced a few types of vitamins that I was taking, because it covers all the vitamin Bs such as B6 and B12, and green tea in one small pill which is great, especially when I don’t necessarily have time for a cup of green tea.

How are you feeling about the effects of sho?

Eve Dawes I feel great for my daily energy with shoEnergy+, and I love the fact that shoBalance doesn’t need refrigeration so I bring it with me when I travel. To me, consistency is key when it comes to getting the effects of a healthy lifestyle. It is about everyday behaviors. For example, I weigh myself every week as it keeps me on track– I know there are people who could be surprised by a large weight gain without paying attention to their day to day activities but with weekly check ins there are no surprises and it’s easier to maintain. 

Any other feedback, thoughts about sho?

I love the packaging! One suggestion: maybe you can also consider silver & white or black labels for your color coding series? That would go really well with my modern, stainless kitchen décor ☺.

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