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21 Healthy Habits Tip #2: Find an Activity that You Enjoy!

Are you finding it tough to be active? Just the thought of exercise is enough to make some people stay on the couch with Netflix! But physical activity doesn’t have to mean formal expertise at the gym lifting weights. Studies are showing that simply getting up and moving has a ton of health benefits! (basically anything that gets you to stop sitting for hours on end, is what we’re after here for the health benefits!) So here’s what you can try now:

Tip #2 - find an activity that you enjoy!

This can be anything that gets you moving, and it should be fun! Think back to when you were a child - what did you like to do in your spare time? Explore the neighborhood? Try revisiting that activity, and take a long walk around your neighborhood. Did you like taking ballroom dance classes? Sign up for a class now and see if it’s something that’s still fun for you - you might be surprised at how fast your technique comes back! 

What about sports teams - did you play sports in school, or is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? It’s never too late to try a new activity! Join a 5K walk or run team, take rock climbing lessons, learn how to tango, or go horseback riding.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding and activity that you love - even better if you find a friend that will explore with you too!

This is exciting - no more trudging through the boring cargo sessions on the treadmill (unless this is how you like to catch up on your favorite tv shows!). Find something that you like to do, or have always wanted to learn to do - and then call /

Find something that you like to do, or have always wanted to learn to do - and then call / visit / click online to make a booking now, and get it started from January 2017!  

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