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sho 21 Healthy Habits #1: Be Healthy - ish!

Welcome to the Healthy Habits Challenge, a 21-day program developed by Board Certified Nutritionist Jolene Goring in collaboration with sho Nutrition! This challenge is all about the small changes that can lead to big progress in 2017! It can be hard to make changes and even tougher to make them stick - we are here to help you with a new tip daily for the next 21 days - are you ready? Let’s do this!

Here’s Tip #1: Get Healthy-ish and Start NOW!

Would you like to enjoy all of your favorite things (including pizza and wine!), and still be healthy? This is possible when you embrace the concept of being healthy-ish. All this means is being mostly healthy and enjoying indulgences in moderation with no guilt!

Starting small is the name of the game here. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule, which is where you are healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time - this rule can be applied to any area of your life!

All you need to do is set one simple, healthy, actionable goal, and give yourself room for one "cheat" in a week. Some examples of how to accomplish this are: 

  • Go to a happy hour with friends and enjoy a weekend mimosa brunch. Before this indulgence, make sure to hit the gym or go for a walk first. This gets your fitness in for the day. When you work out right before you indulge, this revs your metabolism and helps to minimize the effects that the extra sugar and calories have on your body.
  • How about cutting out your regular afternoon sweets in the office and cleaning out the processed snacks at home… except for when your co-worker brings in the best cupcakes in town (really, who can resist gourmet cupcakes!!), and order whatever you want when you eat out once in a week. When you are determined to eat healthy while allowing yourself to have a "cheat meal" once in a week, you can sustain your healthy eating behavior while appreciating your indulgence much better at the same time!
  • Drink, smoke, or feel like you’re under lots of stress?  These tendencies deplete your B vitamins which can cause you to feel tired and drained. Eat balanced, healthy meals rich in B vitamins, and you can always take vitamin B supplements to compensate potential vitamin B deficiency!

It really is that simple! You can easily do this by being kind to your body, making healthy choices, and enjoying your favorite indulgence in moderation plus proper health tools.

This year, commit to being healthy-ish in 2017. Write down your healthy-ish action, make sure it’s somewhere you can see it every day. And then - just do it!  

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