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Supplements are NOT Created Equal - Behind The Scene Snapshots of sho Nutrition's Creation!

"Work is love made visible" - and that's why we created sho.

As we all know, all supplements are NOT created equal, and this is why we went to great lengths to source the best quality nutrition for ourselves, families and friends. How far did we go? Follow us on the behind-the-scene journey to get a sneak peak of how sho supplements are created (can't show you too much due to proprietary nature :)

sho Nutrition vitamins and supplements are made in Japan

Small gels, big impact, all the way from Japan!

Yes, our high-tech, sleek, easy-to-swallow vegetarian Spheri-Gels are supplied all the way from the cleanest and most beautiful Mt. Fuji area in Japan!

One of the largest gelcap manufacturers in the world with proprietary softgel encapsulation technology supplying to over 1,000 companies in Japan and around the world, our partner company operates the most cutting-edge, pharmaceutical-grade GMP facilities that are US FDA registered, and HACCP, OJAS (Organic Japan Agriculture Standard) certified.

How strict are their hygiene standards? Unsurpassed by any country's standard!

sho Nutrition high quality manufacturing

I have visited many manufacturing facilities in many countries such as the US, Europe, Japan, and China, during my 20 years of experiences in the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutrition industries, and nothing is as high tech and strictly controlled as our Japanese supplier even for pharmaceutical standards. 

As an example: when entering the sho manufacturing facility, a person not only needs to be fully covered head to toe, wash hands multiple times, but also as shown above: be vacuumed to remove any possible micro-substance e.g. dust. Then you go through the double door blowing machine to ensure nothing sneaks inside.

Equally strict is sho’s packaging facility operated at a pharmaceutical-grade GMP level, in the pharma land of New Jersey!

sho Nutrition packaging

No wonder I had a big grin on my face when I finally got to hold the finished products of sho supplements in my hands :)

We believe that "work is love made visible" - my passion for better nutrition propelled me to leave the corporate world and take on the entrepreneurial journey, and we hold the highest pride and commitment to providing you with the highest quality products in every action we take.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or write to us at at any time. Enjoy clicking your way to better health.

Founder Joy Wang holding sho Nutrition

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