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How to Deal with Obstacles When Starting Up a New Venture

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In this first post, from my own experience of working hard to bring a brand new idea to the world, I want to share some perspectives and practical tools that hopefully can help entrepreneurs or any high / low achievers to overcome obstacles in work and life.

Life is hard, and starting up a new venture is even harder. When it feels as though the tidal waves are turned against you, you can either be brought down, or you can choose to keep plowing through with strength and resilience, until you reach the end goal of what you set out to achieve.

Here are 11 things I’ve learned to deal with obstacles and keep charging ahead.

1. Accept the reality

The reality is: things do go wrong. Most startups take longer time and more money due to limited resources and capabilities, and many don’t even make to launch, nor do they succeed after launch.

Despite your own passion and utmost efforts, you have to rely on others such as your supplier partners, who may have very different priorities than yours, and there are many things that are simply out of your control. As brutal as it may sound, you have to accept the fact that stuff happens, and you just have to deal with it, one issue at a time.

2. Don’t get angry

We all tend to react quickly with high emotions when issues blow up in our face. However, we also learn, sooner or later, that anger doesn’t solve problems; actually, it can make things worse, to an unresolvable or detrimental state, if we don’t keep our emotions in check.

When issues arise, take a deep breath, try to understand the whole picture first, and then start to formulate possible solutions, hopefully with Plan A, B, or C. Ask for help if needed. Focus on the issues and facts rather than people or opinions, and get busy taking action. Staying calm will prevent lots of stress, sleepless nights, and negative energy, which you don’t need.

3. Reach out to your support system

It’s hard to deal with obstacles all by yourself. We humans are social creatures after all. A good way to let loose and re-energize yourself is to spend some time with your friends, family and loved ones. Just be mindful that while it may be okay to vent a bit, your problem is not everyone else’s problem; so seek support, get a dose of sympathy or laughter, and then get back to work.

4. Take your mind off the edge

Shifting gear in your mind to something else can not only help to deescalate your tension, but also surprise you with new ideas. Take a walk, sweat it out during a workout, meditate, or immerse yourself into music, art, design... Choose whatever that works for you to shake things up a bit, and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying renewed energy and new ways to solve problems.

5. Put things in perspective

In many cases, if you take a step back, you see the larger universe and broader perspectives, which makes you realize that what you’re going through isn’t that big of a deal, in the grand scheme of things. Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.

6. Be grateful

We tend to get caught up in thinking “I’m in trouble because I don’t have X”, or “because I have problem Y”. But, just remind yourself how lucky you are for being able to do what you are passionate about. Many people find ways to stay motivated and enjoy the ride, despite being worse off than you are. Be grateful for what you already have. Your genuine sense of gratitude and humility can truly engage people and open more doors. 

7. Manage your financial situation

With all the stress we already have, adding worries about your sinking bank account is definitely not a recipe for success. Plan ahead with your financials and try not to put yourself in a dire situation when your venture takes longer to start to generate revenues. You may have to take on side projects and stretch out what’s in your savings to get you through – that’s part of the startup grind that you have to manage.

8. Never forget the “Why”

More often than not, the reason we run into obstacles is because we chose to pursue uncharted territory, hence uncharted challenges. Remind yourself WHY you chose to do this. Your mission will allow you to forget your small problems, and re-focus you on what really matters.

9. Lift your mood with a few healthy treats

Drink a cup of green tea, coffee, or superfood-charged smoothie, and indulge in a piece of dark chocolate. These items have been proven to lift people’s energy and mood, and I find enjoying a beverage break very useful when I feel down or unhappy.

10. Change the way you see challenges

Think of a challenge as a learning gift that happens for a reason. Remember that your problems are probably not random, and that they’re a stepping stone towards bigger accomplishments. The hard part is what makes it great!

11. Stay healthy

Obstacles can throw you into a panic mode, and leave your healthy habits out of the window. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital during the difficult times, because you need to stay in control and be on top of your game. This means you can’t afford to get sick when under pressure and when your immunity tends to be compromised.

Stick to your daily health routines (or create one if you don’t have one). In addition to eating healthy and staying physically active, adding nutritional supplements such as sho Balance can help you maintain immune health and daily habits.

My whole mission behind creating sho is to help people live healthier and happier with simple, healthy, and organized solutions. This mission has also been guiding me throughout the highs and lows in my own journey of bringing sho to life.

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No doubt, there will be more obstacles ahead after we launch sho supplements. But with these tools in mind, I am confident that we are better equipped to deal with adversity and continue to progress.

Thank you for your attention, and please add your comment and share how you stay resilient in the face of adversity!

Joy Wang

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