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Hear what people are saying about vegan probiotics and energy vitamins by shoNutrition!

"It's gonna give you energy but keep your mind calm?"

"Fermented rice for probiotics?!"

"Vegan?! Even better."

"It's the most genius invention since... toast, honestly."

Click below to see people's reactions when they are given the revolutionary new health gadget for the first time:  

Video transcript: 

It's gonna give you energy but keep your mind calm? Well that is amazing!

I know!

Simple, healthy and organized. Okay, this is even telling me to organize my life?!

Fermented rice for probiotics?!

So natural and it doesn't have all that added gunk in there. I just wanted the true pure stuff.

But you know what the problem is? They are like too huge and when I take vitamins they are like stuck here... So let's try it out!

It is like, we've got an instruction list.

Oh, I am (not) a person who doesn't, like, look at the manual at IKEA...

Oh sweet! sho Balance. I like that!

I got it! Wow! Okay.

We have like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... and all days in a row, so I guess you're just keeping track.

Daily dial!

It has got a cool ring to it.

I like it.

It is so cool, because sometimes I forget.. Or when I have to take my pills and I never usually take those pills, so…

It looks like I gotta flip it. Gently screw dispenser cap onto container.

Oh, that is super easy, it just slips straight on!

You got yours? Oh sh**t! 

Click paddle… Click! Click! Ha, I got it! You have got it?

Maybe it is just…

Okay, look, look, look! Like this. BAM! BAM!

Click, oh cool, okay…

Look how tiny they are!

It is kinda small.

They look super luxurious for some reason.

Even the smallest one here, it is like so much of a difference.

Oh, it is so nice that it goes down smoothly, no big deal.

Like a baby...

It is like “boom“ and they are already in your stomach

Vegeterian? Vegetarian? It actually says that? Let me see...

Yeah, vegetarian.

Vegetarian! Ohhh, Okay!

Vegetarian, and gluten-free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, fish free. Gosh!

It is vegan! Okay. Even better.

Spirulina, well I am all about that. So there is greens in this thing, too?

I'm all on the green trend.

It is digestive and immune health. I think it is for good metabolism and for good digestion.

Green tea extract with natural caffeine enhancers.

Natural caffeine.

For mental clarity with no jitters.

It's the most genius invention since... toast, honestly.

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