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Tips from 4 Fitness Pros to Keep Your New Year Workout Resolutions in 2017!

Gyms are usually the busiest the first week of January. Many are energetically showing off their new outfits and cool gadgets received during Christmas. There is a refreshed sense of determination during this time to step on a treadmill, lift weights, or lay on a yoga mat…

For many, the question is how long this enthusiasm will last and how much to be expected. Many are also wondering whether they are doing thing the right way to reach their fitness goals. It’s the time of the year when we look around the gyms and try to be as fit as the pros who have been working at this for a long time. This is the time to change your mindset to live a healthy lifestyle by taking small steps in the right direction without discouraging yourself.

From this, we decided to interview 4 Fitness enthusiasts who you want to learn from We share tips on how they do it in a simple, healthy, organized way – the sho lifestyle. The goal is to pick any simple, healthy tip to incorporate into your fitness and nutrition plan to help reach your goals in 2017! (Don’t forget to sign up to our “21 Day Healthy Habits Challenge” to get 21 health tips and join sweepstakes to win cash and sho supplements!)

Here are our 4 healthy and amazing fitness Pros:

Jolene Goring: Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer from Scottsdale, AZ

Jon Hipp: Fashion Model, Crossfit Trainer, Triathloner & Marathoner from Dallas, TX

Thalita Pascual: Personal Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from Miami, FL

Jeff Moriarty: Digital Marketing and the “SEO Guy”, “gym rat”, crossfit practitioner from Chicago, IN

Pre-workout: how do you make time every day to work out when there is never enough time? How do you make yourself “just do it”?

Jolene: I imagine myself as that person I want to be. When I used to do fitness competitions, I would imagine myself walking across the stage and already in incredible shape. Then I ask myself - if I had already achieved my goal, how would I act? The answer usually is - I'd make fitness a priority!

Thalita. I don't over think. I always try to find a way to get it done. Even if it's in my bedroom, on a yoga mat, doing plyometrics, abs, whatever it is. Or sometimes I get my sneakers on and go for a run, a jog or even a walk, it all depends on how my body is feeling, but I try to move it no matter what.

Jeff: I know that going to the gym will help me relieve the stress of the work day. It is actually something I look forward to. It’s about a 45min drive to the gym after work, so I usually also take some vitamin B and caffeine in order to have enough energy to get there and push myself.

During workout: How do you push yourself a bit harder when you feel tired at your workout session?

Jon: My highest priority for maintaining my body's fitness is movement and mobility. the equation is not "Being in Shape" = "Working Out". Being in Shape means you have an active lifestyle (keyword is lifestyle) and you are using your body to move around and stretching to make sure your muscles are not so tight that they could tear when you try to workout or play sports. The goal is more and better movement.

Jolene: I tell myself that if I just do 2 more reps, or 10 more seconds then I can quit. This improves my mental strength too, since every time that I feel like quitting, I know that I have more inside of me that I can give!

Thalita: I'm addicted to the feeling of going beyond my limits. I'm always thinking I can push harder, run faster, go harder.

Jeff: If I am tired going into my workout, I tell myself to do it for just 10 minutes. It is kind of a trick, as when I have been there 10 minutes I am feeling good and then continue my workout as planned.

Post workout: How do you recover after an intense workout session?

Jolene: Nutrients are key! If it's been really intense I make sure to have a protein shake with some fruit (peanut butter banana is my all time favorite) - the fruit gives me a quick burst of energy and helps get rid of any after workout shakiness. The protein is important for muscle recovery and gets me through until my next meal.

Jon: My recovery methods include deep stretching, foam rolling, SMR (self-myofacial release) with a Lacrosse ball, cold showers, sleep, Golden Paste (Turmeric root powder, Black pepper, Coconut oil and honey), breath work...

Thalita: So many different ways. But I try to sleep well and nap 45min. everyday. I also think swimming in the ocean is the best remedy for soreness. Massage and sauna help a lot too.

Jeff: Post workout I go to the steam room for about 10 minutes and then shower. That makes me feel much better. Then I take about 30 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs. This gives me better recovery and I tend not to be as sore. I also make sure to get plenty of rest.

Repeat: What motivates you to work out again the next day when you are sore from the day before, or tired / bored / busy… (the nagging voice that easily talks us out of doing it with excuses…)

Jolene: I stagger my workouts so that I'm only working out intensely 2-3 times per week. Between those workouts I do yoga, hiking, walking - more of a recovery day and I'm lucky that I love to be active! I'll usually make these plans with a friend so there is accountability - and it's fun to be able to socialize while being active.

Jon: If I'm ever not motivated to go to the gym or exercise, I make sure I get a lot of movement that day and am not sitting very much. I also incorporate a lot of stretching to keep my muscles loose. Playing a sport that you love is a great way to increase your activity level and enjoy your workout! If you like doing something, you'll keep doing it.

Thalita: I know that voice, and it's always there trying to sabotage you. I don't listen, as I said I put on my gym clothes, sneakers and go...

Jeff: I know I need to do it to get results. And I enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy working out, you won’t stick with it. So find something you love. Whether lifting weights, Zumba, running, exercise classes, yoga, Crossfit... just find a type that you enjoy and you will never be bored of it.

You have been the early believers of sho Nutrition - how does sho fit into your fitness and nutrition routine?

Jolene: I start my day with both of sho BALANCE and sho ENERGY+ because it's so easy to just take them when I'm preparing my coffee. They provide a natural energy that makes me feel alert all day long.

Jon: I click sho Energy+ and sho Balance within 30 minutes of waking up along with my other vitamins and supplements, one Spheri-Gel of each product, and I also click one of each again in the mid-afternoon when I am reaching for that afternoon snack. 

Thalita: I've been using Sho Energy+ when I need an extra boost, it works wonderful as a pre-workout.

Jeff: I use sho Balance between meals. It helps my digestion and makes me more regular and less bloated. I am used to taking supplements and it’s just part of my daily ritual. With sho Energy+, I click it before going to a gym class as pre-workout. I feel that the matcha & caffeine etc. pushes me to follow through a workout harder. On non-workout days, I take it in the morning upon waking. Especially good on Monday mornings when it is your first day back at work!

How do you feel the effects of sho supplements?

Jolene: I notice that if I forget to take these products, I feel a little less energized and happy during the day. The effect is subtle, but I definitely notice it on days that I DON'T take them!

Jon: Taking sho Energy+ gives me a little boost and sho Balance keeps me regular. I cannot emphasize the value of taking probiotics; unless your diet is 100% perfect, gut health can always be improved. And even with a perfect diet, toxins in the air and water and all around can cause intestinal issues. The bottom-line is that being aware of what your body excretes is just as important as monitoring what you put into your body.

Thalita: I love it, it's not too much, gives me the exact push. 

Jeff: With sho Balance, I think it works very well. When you are taking in larger amount of protein and fiber, it can do a number of funny things on your stomach. sho Balance helps me stay regular and feel less bloated than without it. I actually also feel that it keeps me healthy, especially in the winter.

With sho Energy+, I get an uplifting feeling. You just feel better and get a nice even, clean energy boost...without the crash of things like coffee or energy drinks. 

What do you recommend as the best way to incorporate sho supplements into your fitness and nutrition routine?

Jolene: Take them first thing in the morning otherwise it can be easy to forget :) Plus, you want to maximize on the energy and balance during the day to help you be more productive!

Jeff: With sho Balance, I have one at my office and at home. I always remember to just take it between my biggest meals. I see it out on my desk or counter and take it. With sho Energy+, I also have one at the office and at home. If I know I am not working out that day, I pop one before leaving for work. If I am working out, I take it right before my workout.

With sho Energy+, I also have one at the office and at home. If I know I am not working out that day, I pop one before leaving for work. If I am working out, I take it right before my workout.

Jon: Everyone should take some sort of probiotic supplement like sho Balance, but also eat natural, organic, whole food probiotics, such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha and other fermented products - just like it's a good practice to incorporate a greens powder supplement into your diet every day, in case you are not able to eat enough leafy green vegetables during a particular day. Let's call it your Nutritional Insurance Plan.

After reading the above insights from our 4 fitness pros, have you found any inspirations for your new year workout resolutions in 2017? Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question to any of them or to sho Nutrition - we'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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